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IT Services

Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services are responsible for the associated procurement, installation, management, maintenance, patching, configuration and support for:

  • 80+ Non-research physical servers within the QMUL datacentres and associated chassis for blade servers
  • The associated operating systems installed on these physical servers, including hypervisors such as ESXi or various server operating systems such as Windows Server, Redhat, or Centos.
  • Virtual servers, and virtual desktops installed on hypervisors.
  • Any infrastructure required as part of the AppsAnywhere service
  • Backing up of all of these servers, and providing disaster recovery options where required.

Data Centre Services also provide similar support for storage which is hosted on our dedicated, enterprise class storage arrays. The services associated with this are as follows:

  • Provisioning storage made available to both physical and virtual servers
  • Provision and management of storage used as file shares e.g. G and J drives. This includes shared folders on the J drives, or provisioning of shared drives where the J drive is not appropriate
  • Providing backup and disaster recovery for any provisioned storage

Additional responsibilities for the team include a Nagios based monitoring service, and all associated support for the backup infrastructure required to allow servers and storage to be backed up in line with the universities policy. The team also offer advice on consultation on requirements and any other queries relating the area.


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