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Online Payments - ePay

ePay (WPM) is a web based payment facility to enable students and landlords to make payments.

Also knows QM E-shop or On-Line store, ePay (WPM) is an on-line payment facility, which provides products, conferences and events to be displayed, booked and paid for online.

Self-help Guides

Epay (WPM)

Service Name: ePay (WPM)

Audience: Staff

Alias: ePay, WPM, E-shop

Key Users: Department of Finance and financial support staff within departments, schools and faculties and students

Requirements: Staff and students

Requesting the service: All requests should be made via the IT Service Desk.

Support Contact: IT Service Desk, Live ChatRaise a Ticket, Call 020 7882 8888

Feedback: email


Status: Current service

Cost: Free to end users

Business Owner: Deputy Finance Director, Financial Controls

Technical Owner: IT Services, Financial Systems Manager

Service Level Category: SILVER

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