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Most Halls of Residence rooms are equipped with network connection points which allow you to connect your computer or laptop to the college network and the Internet. There are also a growing number of wireless "hotspots" around the campuses and in halls, where you can connect to the network using a suitable wireless network adaptor.

Both wired and wireless networks are accessed using the Eduroam service.

Connecting to the college network by a wired or wireless Eduroam connection will allow you to access your email, Student Service filestore, College web sites such as the Library or departmental pages and the Courses web server and you will also be able to access resources off campus, with some minor restrictions for reasons of legality, security, feasibility or to give priority to essential network traffic.

Halls and wireless connections are governed by the same rules as all other QMUL computing facilities. By accessing the network you agree to abide by the college regulations for the use of computing facilities.

Please be aware that any illegal activity, such as downloading of copyrighted material, will result in network access being blocked.

Hours of Service: 24/7/365
Support Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm excluding bank holidays and college closure days
Price: free of charge

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