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Online Recruitment System - eRecruitment (Oleeo)

eRecruitment (Oleeo) is our new system for managing our recruitment function within Queen Mary, and it will replace the existing iGrasp system.

eRecruitment (Oleeo) will streamline the process through a single portal,The Recruitment and Operations team which anyone involved in hiring will be able to access. This will eliminate the need for multiple emails, and the system itself will address the vast majority of the recognised difficulties, reducing the inconsistencies and work-arounds that iGrasp users have struggled with.

As well as making the hiring process more efficient, eRecruitment (Oleeo) will improve the experience for line managers and employees through the whole employment lifecycle. For example, submitting contract variations requests and ending or extending fixed-term arrangements will be managed through eRecruitment (Oleeo).

Self-help Guides

eRecruitment user guides

The Recruitment and Operations team

Training and user support

Service Name: eRecruitment (Oleeo)

Audience: Staff

Key Users: Staff from departments, schools and institutes.

Requirements: Staff

Requesting the service: Staff member will require approval and requests to be made via the IT Service Desk.

Support Contact: IT Service Desk, Live Chat, Raise a Ticket, Call 020 7882 8888

Feedback: email


Status: Current service

Cost: Free to end users

Business Owner: Assistant Director for HR

Technical Owner: IT Services, HR Systems Manager

Service Level Category: SILVER

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