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Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce)

The Customer relationship management system (CRM): helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and facilitates marketing automation. Cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke applications.

Self-help Guides
Salesforce EDA

Audience: Staff

Service Name: Salesforce CRM

Key Users: Staff

Requirements: Users of the service must be current staff

Requesting the service: Staff members will have to request access to CRM. Please contact the Marcoms CRM Team at

Support Contact:   

Feedback: email


This area is accessible to staff in the Student and Marketing Team

Our CRM Charter (This sets out the parameters as a User of the system which we require you to operate within)

CRM FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions and solutions to refer to)

How to Guides (Step by step guides on how to compile email, journeys, data sets and much more)

Training Videos (Introduction to… videos and step by step guides to events and campaigns)

A Data Dictionary (A data guide on what to use and when)

Status: Current service

Cost: End users require a license to access the CRM system

Business Owner: Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications

Technical Owner: CRM Marketing Team 

Related Services: SITS

Service Level Category: Silver

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