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Human Resources

Temporary Contracts

Types of Temporary Contract

QMUL has two types of temporary contract:

  1. Temporary Part Year staff who are not on timesheets
  2. Temporary Part Year staff who are on timesheets.

'Temporary contracts' is the name QMUL uses for short-term fixed-term contracts. The maximum period for a temporary contract varies but they must not normally extend beyond 6 months.

For both types of Temporary Contract, the post must be submitted via i-GRasp for approval.

For those on timesheet contracts, their hourly rate should be the equivalent of a spinal point per the Queen Mary Unversity of London Pay and Grading Structure or the Clinical Academic Pay Scales.  Timesheets must be submitted via MyHR and approved by the line manager.

Temporary Part Year staff should again be paid on a spinal point within the University's Pay and Grading Structure or the Clinical Academic Pay Scales.  They should not be paid 'off-scale'. 

Staff on temporary contracts have all the legal protection that applies to staff employed on a fixed-term contract - it is unlawful to treat them less favourably than comparable permanent staff. Please note that temporary staff may receive an incremental increase should they meet the eligibility criteria. 

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