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Death in Service Guidance

How to report and start getting support in place for Colleagues, Students and Next of Kin

The death of a colleague can be a traumatic experience for the deceased’s colleagues and managers.

At Queen Mary if there is a death in service a Senior Manager in Security (usually the Assistant Director of Estates) calls a University Co-ordinating Group to ensure appropriate steps are followed in dealing with this sensitive matter.

The University Co-ordinating Group will include senior staff from:

  • Security,
  • Public Relations in Marketing & Communications,
  • Principal’s Office,
  • HR,
  • Director/Head of the Department/Institute/School the deceased colleague was from.

They will ensure that relevant areas of Queen Mary are co-opted into the group to ensure appropriate support for colleagues and next of kin and Queen Mary complies with legal requirements (with the coroner’s office) around the death of the colleague.

If you believe you are the first person within Queen Mary to be advised of the death of a current Queen Mary employee please notify Security immediately as advised below:

Notification of a Death

In the event of the death of a colleague, it is important that all appropriate colleagues/role holders are informed in a timely manner, which is in line with official confirmations from the coroner’s office. It is important that the deceased family and colleagues are made aware of support Queen Mary can offer. This will be done through the University Co-Ordinating Group which will be set up on notification of the death.

Reports of a death that has taken place off campus must be reported immediately to Security on extension 5000 (020 7882 5000). You should ask to speak to the manager in charge and inform them you are reporting an employee death.

If a death (or suspected death) is discovered on campus (if you are the initial witness or amongst initial witnesses) call Queen Mary’s emergency number 3333 (020 7882 3333). Advise them of the location and they will call an ambulance. Security will be mobilised to assist until the ambulance arrives (and beyond).

If you are with a colleague off campus (so Queen Mary Security are not within close proximity) whilst engaged in work and they are seriously ill or have died, call the ambulance service directly on 999. Whilst waiting for an ambulance follow the call handler’s directions and then when able to do so call Queen Mary’s Security on 020 7882 5000.

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