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Human Resources

Policies and procedures

This page helps you find all the Queen Mary HR policies, alongside the forms, letters, documents and ideas that support them.

The University is committed to becoming the most inclusive of its kind, anywhere.  We want everyone to feel safe and supported in the workplace by having strong and inclusive policies. HR policies are reviewed periodically, with inclusivity being one of the key considerations.

Codes of Practice

The HR Codes of Practice are binding on University managers. They set out the way that the Council, the University's governing body, expects its managers to manage people.

The Codes are designed to:

  • be easy to use and understand; and
  • be lawful, fair and effective.

They follow a common format to enable staff and managers to find their way around them quickly and easily.

The Introduction to Codes [PDF 88KB] deals with a number of matters that apply to all the Codes. It includes useful information about the following issues:

  • Academic freedom
  • Clinical staff and the Codes of Practice
  • Authority to take action and make decisions
  • The right to be accompanied
  • Constitution of panels and appeal panels
  • Keeping records
  • Glossary of terms.

Please note that the Codes of Practice no longer apply to the 4 new employment policies on Discipline, Grievance, Attendance and Capability. 

Key Concepts

Most Codes are supplemented by "Key Concepts" which give advice and explain good practice but which are not themselves binding. The Key Concepts are written for managers, but are available for staff to read. The HR Department has also produced a series of guides for staff.

Forms and Letters

For most Codes, the HR Department has also produced forms and letters to assist staff and managers to carry out the tasks required by the Codes.

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