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Annual Leave

Queen Mary's annual leave year runs from 1st August to 31st July each year. 

Annual Leave Entitlement

The annual leave entitlement for full-time staff is 30 working days. Part-time and part-year staff are entitled to annual leave on a pro-rata basis.

Clinical Consultant Academic Leave Form Guidance Notes

There are special arrangements governing applications from Clinical Consultants for taking annual leave. You can link to the form and its guidance notes below.

Leave Entitlement in the Year of Entry or Leaving

Annual leave will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.  When your employment ends, you should use your accrued annual leave before your last day of employment.  Only where this has not been possible due to service reasons, you will be paid for any annual leave accrued but not taken. If you have taken more annual leave than you are entitled to, your final salary will be adjusted.

Full-time staff who join or leave mid-year are entitled only to bank holidays and closure days that fall within their period of employment. The same is true for part-time and part-year staff on a pro-rata basis.

Carrying Over of Annual Leave

All annual leave should be taken within the year it is accrued and carry over will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances. Carry over of annual leave is at the discretion of the relevant Head of School or equivalent or by the Vice Principal or equivalent for carry over of more than 5 days.

Up to 5 days of annual leave may be authorised for carry over if, owing to the needs of the service, you were unable to take the full entitlement. The 5 days carry over is pro-rata for part-time staff.

Staff wishing to request carry over of annual leave should start having conversations with their line manager in June with a view to obtaining the necessary approval as to whether any unused annual leave (and how many days) may be carried over.

Once the current leave year has ended and the amount of unused leave is clearly defined and carry over has been agreed, staff will then be able to make a request through MyHR. The functionality to carry over annual leave will be made available on MyHR from the beginning of August each year and will normally close at the end of September.

Where the request for carry over is above 5 days this will only be authorised by the Vice Principal or equivalent where there is an appropriate explanation for why the leave has not been used during the leave year and where a clear plan has been agreed for the carried over leave to be used in a reasonable timeframe, normally within the first 2 months of the new annual leave year.

Employess will not be permitted to carry over in excess of 5 days on a regular year to year basis.

There are specific requirements relating to annual leave which has been accrued but not taken due to long term sickness absence or maternity leave and the relevant policies should be referred to in these circumstances.

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