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Human Resources

Pre-employment Screening

Occupational Health provide confidential pre-employment health screening service; fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010. We will ensure Management are aware of and advised upon any health issues that may be affected by work (or that may affect their ability to work) and recommend any reasonable adjustments that may need to be put into place.  

This service can take the form of either:
• A physical base-line pre-employment health screen conducted by an Occupational Health Advisor which is often best suited where employees are exposed to noise, respiratory or respiratory and/or skin sensitisers, chemicals, vibrations and similar. This also includes staff who come into contact with patients or will carry out exposure prone procedures. Test such as blood test or lung functions tests or vaccinations may need to be carried out before an employee is 'fit for post'. 
• A health questionnaire is reviewed by an Occupational Health Advisor and any issues or concern can be explored further by telephone.

The Pre-employment questionnaire can be accessed here.

Should you have any questions about the pre-employment health screening service or the pre-employment questionnaire please do not hesitate to contacts us at 020 7882 7207 or 

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