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MyHR Data Protection Obligations

Your Data Protection Obligations Relating to your use of MyHR

Logging in to MyHR as a manager can give you access to substantial amounts of personal data such as salaries, sickness records and so on.

Therefore you MUST:

• Comply with Data Protection Policy [PDF 268KB]

• Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018

• Read the guidance: MyHR and Data Protection online [PPT 64KB]

Please note that compliance with the Data Protection Policy is mandatory for all staff and disciplinary action may be taken against anyone who does not comply.

Also note that the Information Commissioner’s Office has powers to punish any breaches of the DPA and that action may be taken against the individual concerned not necessarily against the organisation.

Briefly this means that you MUST:

• Take measures not to divulge personal data to those who do not have a right to it, for example by never sharing passwords and locking your computer when it is unattended

• Take care when printing reports by retrieving them promptly from any shared printers; log out when not using MyHR

• Never disclose any personal data to anyone whose identity cannot be verified, for example to a telephone enquirer regardless of who they claim to be

• Keep data for which you are responsible up-to-date, accurate and discard it when it is no longer required

• Only use the data for the specific purpose(s) for which it has been collected and for which you need it

• Take extra care where sensitive personal data is concerned (for example mental health sickness data including any disability)

 Only access the personal data you require for the performance of your duties

If you do not comply with the above then you will have breached College policy and could be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

You should read the Data Protection Policy and its appendix of guidelines for more information; it can be found on the intranet at:  Any queries can be directed to the Records & Information Compliance Manager, Paul Smallcombe
Tel: (13) 7596

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