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Human Resources

Oleeo: HR Recruitment and HR Operations E-System

What is Oleeo?

It’s our new system for managing our recruitment function within Queen Mary, and it will replace the existing iGrasp system. The Oleeo system will also be used to manage HR Operations contractual changes. The HR operations functionality is being developed in phase two of the Oleeo system build. 

To access Oleeo e-system, please visit  

To view a recruitment process map, please click Queen Mary Recruitment Process Map [PDF 150KB].

How will it affect me and my team?

If you are involved at any part of the recruitment process (e.g. helping to fill roles in your team, or approving new hires) you should find the process much more intuitive and efficient. All users of the system will benefit from accessing the same information which is updated in one place, creating a single source of truth for each candidate.

Candidates applying for roles should also find the process smoother and speedier – and the University will be able to attract talent more easily.

The improved data analysis and reporting function of the tool will mean that we can implement and monitor fairness and diversity in our hiring practices.

To find out specific roles and responsibilities of the Recruitment and HR Operations Team, please click here.

The tabs below help to navigate and support you with the new system :

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