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MyHR Timesheets and Additional Hours

MyHR Timesheets is a new module that can be accessed via MyHR that will enable the completion of paper based Timesheets and claims for additional hours to occur online for all relevant staff (see eligibility section below). 

For staff The online system will allow the lookup, sending, receiving and recording of their own information. Timesheets and claims for additional hours will be available for electronic submission and will replace current paper-based processes.
For managers and supervisors The online system will allow the lookup, sending, recording, monitoring and reporting of timesheet payments and additional hour claims. Authorisation will also occur online.

The system has been used by a few early adopter departments since October 2015. Payments using this module have been live since November 2015. 

The system has a number of benefits that include; removal of paper, better visibility of payments, more accurate payments, staff paid on the QMUL pay spine, payments that will be closer to when the work was undertaken.

This page links you with information to help you make use of the new online module. The first part deals with eligibility and the second part with using the system 

1. Eligibility

For staff You are eligible if; you complete a paper timesheet or additional hours claim form or if you give your hours to your manager to complete on your behalf and you are not (1) student demonstrator (2) Student Union staff not on QMUL pay spine (3) claiming a one-off payment  
For managers and supervisors My staff are not on the exceptions list described above and I authorise their timesheets or claims for additional hours or submit claims to payroll on spreadsheets.  

2. Using the system

Getting started is a brief document summarising both the process and the system. This is an core introduction to both process and system with high level process chart. Further detailed guides on specific parts of the process are available in the resources section below.

3. Resources

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