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Business Alerts

What are Business Alerts?

Business Alerts is an alert tool that sends an email based on predefined triggers in ResourceLink (the HR Database). Over the next twelve months managers will start to receive alerts based around sickness and also other date driven data such as contract end dates.


Probation Business Alerts

On the first of each month direct line managers of support or research staff will receive a reminder that their staff have a probation meeting due. In line with the normal procedure if you (as a line manager) receive a reminder please arrange to meet with the employee(s) and complete the relevant section of their support probation form as soon as possible. This form should then be sent to your HR Administrator for processing. Probation for academic staff is managed locally and currently there are no automated email alerts set up.


New staff welcome Business Alerts

All new staff will receive an automated welcome email 2-4 weeks after joining Queen Mary with details of the College Induction programme to attend. The College Induction forms an important part of integration into the work of the College as well as providing the opportunity to gain a better understanding of some of the important College policies, meet and network with senior members of staff and hear from the Principal regarding the future direction of the College. For queries regarding the induction please contact the Learning Institute at


Who receives the sickness Business Alerts?

Line managers, as reflected in MyHR, will receive alerts for staff (due to data protection concerns the Business Alerts will not follow delegation rules). Data in the sickness Business Alerts is also available on MyHR via Manager Reports, data here is highlighting any staff who have triggered a pattern of sickness. The alerts are scheduled to run on the 14th of each month after the sickness has been processed between the 8th and 10th of the month and pulled through into ResourceLink from MyHR. HR Advisers will also receive the alerts on the 12th of the month.


Where does the sickness Business Alerts data come from?

Business Alerts sickness data is pulled through from ResourceLink, this is the underlying database and holds sickness absence data that has been entered into MyHR.


What should I do with the sickness Business Alerts?

The purpose of the sickness Business Alerts are to provide managers with the data to assist in the management to ensure duty of care on attendance. If you receive a Business Alert for a member of your staff please refer to the HR Sickness Absence page at /hr/policy/sick/index.html. Alternatively please consult with your HR Adviser/Consultant about steps to take.


An explanation of the sickness Business Alerts that you might receive are detailed below:

3 periods in 4 months Business Alert

An alert will be sent to you if one your staff has had three or more instances of sickness absence in the previous four month period from the report date. A sickness absence instance could last one or many days, this alert is concerned with instances not number of sick days. The only data included here will be staff name and number of sickness absences in the last four months, reasons for absence will not be included.

20 days sickness absence in 12 month period

An alert will be sent to you if one of your staff has had twenty or more sickness absence working days in the last 12 month period from the report date. This will only be triggered if an employee has had a sickness instance in the last two months. The only data included here will be staff name and number of sickness absences days in the last 12 months, reasons for absence will not be included.

Note: If you notice any discrepancies in the data that you have been emailed, please contact your HR Administrator so this can be corrected.


How do I save BAM alert emails as excel files?:

This is a simple case of clicking on 'save as' and changing the file name extension. This is explained in the document linked below:

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