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Human Resources

Staff Networks

This page contains links to the various staff networks which exist at Queen Mary.

Funding Staff Networks Activity

The EDI Team have been successful in securing a ring- fenced sum of money to fund potential staff network activities.

We want to actively encourage individuals, staff networks and working groups to take forward activities or initiatives that will help us progress our mission to create a truly inclusive environment. Bids for funding are open to any individual member of staff, staff network or working group looking to undertake targeted activity to advance our PCI Enabling Plan.  

To ensure that we take a fair and transparent approach, we have established a funding allocation process. This is to help demonstrate that we are using the funds available well and are getting maximum impact through targeted activities. Bids should primarily focus on staff but may take a combined approach with an additional focus on students and/ or alumni.

You can learn more about the process and how you can submit a bid for funding on the document: Supporting PCI Initiatives: Funding Allocation Process. PCI Initiatives- Funding Allocation Process [DOC 44KB]

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