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Human Resources

Guidance and Resources

On this page, you will find a range of guides and resources to support menopause awareness and staff well-being.

Further information will be added to this page on an on-going basis.

Conversation Guides

Below you will see a great example from the NHS on how to undertake a wellbeing conversation.

Webinar Presentations/Factsheets 

Following the webinars during October, the presentation slides and factsheets will be added to this page.

Some Useful Internal and External Resources

Internal Resources




Who’s Who in HR

Contact detail of staff who work in the HR Department.  More specifically, you will find the details of the contacts in the following teams: HR Transformation, HR Strategic Business Partners and Employee Relations who will be able to advise and support you.


Employee Assistance Programme

This is a free, confidential, independent resource to help staff balance work, family and personal life. They provide

24 hour support by phone, email or online. The service provides information, resources, referrals and counselling on any issue - this includes support and guidance in relation to menopausal matters.

Occupational Health


Staff can request to be referred to Occupational Health. This can only be done by a management referral. The Occupational Health Adviser will be able to advise management on ways in which a member of staff can be supported in the workplace in relation to their specific needs.



External Organisations and Resources





NHS guidance on menopause

General information on the menopause.


Women’s Health Concern

This organisation is the patient arm of the British Menopause Society. They provide a confidential, independent service to advice and inform and reassure women about their gynaecological, sexual and post reproductive health.

Menopause Matters

This is a website and magazine which provides up-to-date information about the menopause, menopausal symptoms, and treatment options.

Holland & Barrett

This high street retailer offers women personalised support through a free 1-2-1 consultation with a trained menopause advisor.  Appointments can be booked in store or by clicking on the website link provided. Holland & Barrett, have also partnered with leading menopause campaigners, `Menopause Mandate’ to offer a free menopause advice line where you can have a 15-minute check-in with a qualified nurse.

To book a 1-2-1 consultation with a trained menopause advisor:

Daisy Network

This is an organisation which provides support for premature menopause.

On this website, you can other people share their menopause stories.


Are an organisation who are menopause in the workplace experts who provide advice to managers and staff.

Menopause Whilst Black Podcast

This resource will enable you will be able to listen to podcasts with Karen Arthur who is a Fashion Creative and Menopause Diversity Campaigner, who speaks with Black women in the UK about their menopausal experiences and stories.



The Happy Menopause Podcast

A podcast interview between Jackie Lynch Founder of Well, Well, Well Menopause Nutrition Clinic and Karen Arthur Founder of `Menopause Whilst Black ‘.  In this podcast interview Karen Arthur discusses ways in which black women experience menopause and the challenges that they face. Karen talks through her own experience and motivation behind setting up `Menopause Whilst Black’ and her keenest to open menopause conversations to women of all ages and ethnicities and taking the conversation out to communities.



Is a Menopause Nutrition Clinic who provide expert nutritional advice to support busy women who want personalised nutritional advice.


Over The Bloody Moon

Are menopause specialists who supporting organisations that want to be menopause inclusive.  They also provide a range of resources for individuals to assist them with their menopause transition.


NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Menopause: Diagnosis and Management

This guidance covers the diagnosis and management of menopause, including women who have premature ovarian insufficiency. The guidance aims to improve the consistency of support and information provided to women in menopause.


Queer/LGBTQIA+ resources Queer / LGBTQIA+ Menopause

On this website you will find inclusive menopause resources for LGBTQIA+ people and those not served by mainstream information.

Gendered Intelligence

This is a registered charity which has been set up to increase the understandings of gender diversity and improve trans people's quality of life.

The Menopause Exchange

This organisation’s aim is to help women to get through the menopause transitional period as easily as possible, through well-researched information and useful impartial help and support, including sending out free quarterly newsletters. Their articles are written by healthcare professionals and other experts.

NHS – Self Care Forum - Factsheet

This factsheet will help you understand and manage your perimenopause and menopause and point you to further sources of good information.

22-Menopause-fs-v2.3.pdf (

Rock My Menopause

This is a campaign to stamp out the taboo around menopause.  The campaign is to make people menopause aware and to let people know the menopause is inevitable so to be “ready to rock it.”

About Us - Rock My Menopause


This is a booklet focusing on Mental health and
emotional wellbeing
in the perimenopause
and menopause


This is a blog about how mental health can be affected by menopause

Low Waters Medical Centre

The Greene Scale provides a brief measure of menopause symptoms. It can be used to assess changes in different symptoms, before and after menopause treatment.

External Resource Guidance from Menospace -

Menopause Symptom Tracker

Menopause Symptom Tracker [PDF 8,015KB]

Symptom Management

Symptom Management [PDF 941KB]                                                                      

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