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Staff Networks Co-Chairs

Would you like to be one of the co-chairs of our staff equality networks?

Elections are taking place to appoint Co-Chairs of our recently formalised networks:

You can stand for election/vote as long as you join the network before you submit your nomination or vote. You can join a network by joining the individual networks' MS Team by following the links above.

If, after reading the FAQs below, you have any questions about standing to become a co-chair, or how the elections will work, then please contact Michael Jannetta, People, Culture & Inclusion Engagement Manager.

QMOut Co-Chair-Role-Description [PDF 422KB]

Parents & Carers-Staff-Network-Co-Chair-Role-Description [PDF 323KB]

Staff Disability Network-Co-Chair-Role-Description [PDF 322KB]



Provide an expression of interest outlining the experience and skills you will bring to the Co-Chair role and your vision for the network over the next two years. Expressions of interest should be no more than 250 words.

Expressions of interest should be sent to by 17:00 on Wednesday 6 December.

Expressions of interest will be circulated to members of the network on Thursday 7 December, providing members with the opportunity to review candidates vision for the network. Voting will open on this date and close on Monday 18 December.

Each network’s election will be separate. For each network, the top two scoring candidates will be elected as co-chairs.

Timeline for the elections


Date & Time

Nominations open

Tuesday 7 November

Nominations close

Wednesday 6 December 17:00

Voting opens

Thursday 7 December

Voting closes

Monday 18 December

Results announced

Wednesday 20 December


The main role and responsibilities are outlined in the Co-Chair Role Description documents. The co-chairs will have creative licence and freedom to bring their own style of leadership to the role when they are in post.

Co-Chairs are provided with ‘Citizenship Time’ of up to two working hours per week to undertake network activity. By providing Citizenship Time, Queen Mary formally recognises the important role staff network Co-Chairs play in achieving our mission to be the most inclusive university of its kind and the time required to effectively carry out the role. Citizenship Time will provide co-chairs with capacity to focus on and deliver network activity based on the responsibilities outlined above. Chairs are asked to liaise with their line manager in order to agree a suitable working arrangement that will allow chairs to use their ‘Citizenship Time’. The EDI Team and the relevant local HR representatives will be available to support these conversations.

Co-Chairs are nominated roles and will be rotated every two years. If the existing Co-Chair wishes to stand again, Chairs can be re-nominated for a further two years. Role rotation every two years allows the opportunity to be expanded to other colleagues. The EDI Team will support the nomination and voting process.

Only Queen Mary staff members who are members of a network are eligible to stand as co-chair for that network. For example, if you wish to stand for the position of Staff Disability Network Co-Chair, you must be a member of the Staff Disability Network.

Only members of the network will be eligible to vote during the elections. Members will receive an email inviting them to register their vote via an online form.

You can join a network by joining the individual networks MS Team for the Staff Disability Network, Parents & Carers Network or QMOut (LGBTQIA+) Network.

Familiarise yourself with the Co-Chair role description and terms of reference for your network to ensure you are familiar with the expectations of the role.

Consider your vision for the network going forward and what you would like to achieve as Co-Chair. It is important that you communicate this in your 250 word expression of interest. The EDI Team are available to discuss and provide advice to colleagues considering nominating themselves.  

You may wish to consider discussing your self-nomination with your line manager. The EDI Team are available to support these conversations if necessary.

It is important that network co-chairs feel supported by the University throughout their time in post. The People, Culture & Inclusion Engagement Manager and EDI Team will be available to support the induction of new co-chairs and help with network priorities/ strategies.

We are committed to supporting the personal and professional development of our Staff Network Chairs. Leadership skills are often useful in ensuring the success of a staff network. Personal and professional development opportunities and resources are available for our network chairs, as outlined in the Co-Chair Role Descriptions.

The voting will be overseen by the People, Culture and Inclusion Engagement Manager. Voting will open on Thursday 7 December and close on Monday 18 December at 17:00. Network members will be invited to register their vote via an online form.

Members of each network will be given the opportunity to read the candidates’ expression of interest.

When voting, members will be invited to select two candidates. You are not required to have more than one choice.

The top two scoring candidates will become the new co-chairs of the network.

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