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Human Resources

As-and-when Contracts

Queen Mary University of London applies a number of different arrangements to its as-and-when staff depending on whether they are:

  • casual staff working for the Students' Union;  or
  • student demonstrators;  or
  • other casual staff whose work is more occasional and who can be paid by a one-off-payment.

The HR Department does not monitor (on behalf of the University) the way the employing department recruits and advertises for casual roles, and with the exception of student demonstrators, it does not monitor the department’s verification of the employee’s right to work in the UK. However:

  • the recruitment process must be lawful;  and 
  • it is a criminal offence punishable by a substantial fine to employ someone with no right to work in the UK.

Students' Union Staff

The Students' Union gives its as-and-when workers a written casual contract. They then submit time-sheets to the Students' Union Office which arranges for payment by the HR Department. The timesheet must be completed and submitted on a weekly basis.



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