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Human Resources

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave

The University regards sabbatical leave as most important to the personal and career development of members of the Academic Staff.  

Approval of Sabbatical Leave and Leave of Absence is at the discretion of the Principal (or his or her nominee, normally the Faculty Vice-Principal).

Approval depends on:

  • the academic merits of your application; and
  • the total amount of sabbatical leave, which must not exceed two semesters within seven years; or alternatively one semester within seven semesters.

The full Queen Mary policy, guidance notes and application form for Sabbatical Leave and Leave of Absence are all contained in a single document.

Leave of Absence

Academic Staff can apply for leave of absence using the Sabbatical Leave form.

Research and Professional staff also have the right to apply for paid or unpaid leave of absence set out in their terms and conditions and may opt to apply using the same form.

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