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Human Resources


How long is my probation period?

For academic staff new to the profession, the University's probation period is normally three years. For all other staff, the period is normally one year.

What is my notice period?

The amount of notice staff need to give varies according to their role with Queen Mary University of London. You will need to look in your terms and conditions of employment to see how much notice is required.

How much annual leave am I entitled to?

Full-time staff are entitled to 30 days' annual leave. Part-time, part-year and fractional staff are entitled to a pro-rata entitlement.

Where can I find out more information about pensions?

You can find out more about the various pension schemes in operation within the University on the Pensions web pages.

Am I entitled to maternity pay?

The University has a range of family-friendly policies and initiatives which will give you information about maternity leave and pay; adoption leave and pay; parental and paternity leave, together with information on childcare vouchers and the Nursery.

My fixed-term contract ends before my maternity leave. How does this affect me?

If your contract is due to end while you are still on maternity leave, your manager will review your contract and consider your case in the normal way - they will take no account of the fact that you are on maternity leave. If your contract is not renewed, the University will continue to pay any Statutory Maternity Pay to which you are entitled and will also consider redeployment opportunities.

How is Intellectual Property exploited within the University?

Queen Mary University of London's Innovation and Enterprise Unit works with academics in all research departments to provide business support for the protection and commercialisation of University research-generated intellectual property, including the promotion of business and enterprise development.

What is the University's Policy on Data Protection?

The University Policy on Data Protection together with policies on the use of e-mail and information security can be found on the Computing Services site.

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