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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Core Laboratory

The primary role of the Core Team is to execute the delivery of GCP and GLP-standard CTIMP and Non-CTIMP studies. At any one time, the team delivers between 3 to 7 ongoing and short-term studies. This encompasses a range of roles starting at the grass-root level comprising of liaising with clinical staff and consenting patients at Hospital sites, processing and managing patient samples, data management, quality control of data, samples, and laboratory equipment, SOP optimization and control, data analysis, and contributing to scientific papers. This has included data published in The Lancet (2021) and Nature journals (2018).

The team is diverse and consists of scientific researchers from managerial to technician level. The trials the team deliver not only bring scientific accolade and key funding to the department, but also provide for the high-level research performed by other researchers within Experimental Medicine and Rheumatology. In addition, the team provides a technical service for running RNA, DNA, and protein samples on the Nanostring technologies state-of-the-art nCounter machine.   



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