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Thomas Browne Edition

Thomas Browne Edition

The Oxford Thomas Browne Edition

No edition of Browne has ever met modern requirements of accuracy, accessibility, or complete commentary; the new OUP edition will adopt the most ambitious modern standards of critical and textual editing.

The edition will:

  • Produce the first full textually and critically annotated edition of the complete works of Sir Thomas Browne, replacing the outmoded edition by Geoffrey Keynes (4 vols) (rev. 1964), which is incomplete, often inaccurate, offers little annotation, and almost no scholarly apparatus.
  • Establish for the first time authoritative and accurate texts of Browne's works, none of which has ever been subject to modern standards of editorial precision.
  • Present in print for the first time those extensive manuscript remains that have never been edited or annotated, and introduce material newly discovered in the course of the project.

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