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School of English and Drama

Research Seminar


QMCECS offers a programme of early evening seminars with speakers from a range of disciplines. We have six seminars a year, and recent speakers have included Sophie Gee (Princeton), Chloe Wigston-Smith (York), Karen Harvey (Birmingham), and Suvir Kaul (Penn). For a list of speakers in the last five years see the seminar archive.

Winter 2022 / Spring 2023 Programme   

*Seminars will be available both digitally and in-person: sign up links are available here and on the mailing list a fortnight before each event* 

All seminars 17:15–19:00.

5 Oct  2022: Sarah Fox, Karen Harvey and Emily Vine (University of Birmingham), 'Material Identities, Social Bodies: Embodiment in British Letters c.1680-1820'.

9 November: Brycchan Carey (Northumbria): ‘The parson-naturalist abroad: William Smith and Griffith Hughes’s dubious natural histories of the Caribbean'.

7 December: Joseph Cozens (UCL): ‘In Defiance of Law and Justice’: Smuggling Gangs and the English State, 1720-1820.

25 January 2023: Philippa Hellawell (The National Archives) ‘African Knowledge and Skill in the Royal African Company Archive’.

8 February: Mathelinda  Nabugodi (Cambridge): ‘A Chamæleonic Race’: Shelley and the Discourses of Slavery

8 March:  Ian Newman (Notre Dame), 'The Flash Manner of Singing': Performing in the Streets of Eighteenth-Century London

29 March: James Streintrager (UC Irvine): 'Erotic Antiquarians: Excavating the Libertine Networks of Eighteenth-Century Europe'

Focusing on the discovery, discussion, and circulation of spintria, (obscene ancient Roman tokens), Steintrager examines how an assortment of opportunists, collectors, hack writers, and amateur anthropologists and archeologists helped produce, sustain, and shape a network of libertine enthusiasts, including the young Marquis de Sade, in the second half of the eighteenth-century.

In person: Francis Bancroft Building 1.02.6, Queen Mary University of London (i.e. on the first floor of the Bancroft building, which is on Library Square).

Online: sign up here:     

Location  for in-person attendees: QMUL Mile End Campus, Bancroft 1.02.6.


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