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School of English and Drama

Research Seminar


QMCECS offers a programme of early evening seminars with speakers from a range of disciplines. We have six seminars a year, and recent speakers have included Sophie Gee (Princeton), Chloe Wigston-Smith (York), Karen Harvey (Birmingham), and Suvir Kaul (Penn). For a list of speakers in the last five years see the seminar archive.


Spring 2022 Programme   

*Seminars will be available both digitally and in person: sign up links are available here and on the mailing list a fortnight before each event. 

1 February. Freya Gowrley (Bristol),  ‘I love her as my own child’: Inheritance, Extra-Illustration, and Queer Domesticities at Strawberry Hill'. Chair: Amanda Vickery. 

3 March. Alice Insley (Tate), curator of Hogarth exhibition; event co-hosted with the QM Visual & Material Forum. Chair: Hannah Williams.

15 March. Jordan Goodman (UCL), 'Planting the World: Joseph Banks and his Collectors'. Chair: Richard Coulton.

5 April. Stella Tillyard, 'The Red Line and the Blue Sea: Five Lives in Revolutionary Times'. Chair: Miles Ogborn. 

12 April. 5:15. Timothy Michael (Lincoln College, Oxford). Chair: Will Bowers.

24 May. 5:00. Thomas Laqueur (UC Berkeley),  'Revisiting Solitary Sex'. Event co-hosted with QM Solitudes Project and QM SexCult seminar. 

The 2003 publication of Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation stimulated academic and popular discussions about masturbation which have increased our understanding of this under-discussed human behaviour. This paper revisits the arguments of the book in the light of these discussions and considers the implications of solitary sex - its practice, its reputation, its friends and enemies - for the history of human solitariness in general.

Online sign up here: 
In-person: Arts 2, 3.20, QMUL.




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