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School of English and Drama

Research Seminar


QMCECS offers a programme of early evening seminars with speakers from a range of disciplines. We have six seminars a year, and recent speakers have included Sophie Gee (Princeton), Chloe Wigston-Smith (York), Karen Harvey (Birmingham), and Suvir Kaul (Penn). For a list of speakers in the last five years see the seminar archive.

Winter 2023 Programme  

*Seminars will be available both digitally and in-person: sign up links are available here and on the mailing list a fortnight before each event* 

All seminars Wednesday 17:15–19:00 unless otherwise stated.

Room on QMUL Mile End Campus to be confirmed. 

4 October: Flavio Gregori (Ca Foscari): 'Tristram Shandy's thwarted happiness'

17 October, Tuesday 6pm: Vincent Brown (Harvard), Peston Lecture Theatre. 

'Wars Within Wars: Black History’s Warning to the World'

The past several years have witnessed transatlantic efforts to deny and disparage Black perspectives on our common history. This is a denial of our right to critically analyse all of our history from points of view that emerge from a history of enslavement, impoverishment, and racial violence, and that question the customary disavowal that these things constitute fundamental features of the Atlantic experience. Reframing narratives of the Age of Revolution, this lecture highlights the ways in which Black history is world history, and as such it has lessons – and warnings – for the world.

This event is in-person only and registration is essential.

1 November: Ryan Hanley (Exeter) 

15 November: Stephanie Howard-Smith (KCL)


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