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School of English and Drama

Queen Mary Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies


 15 November: Stephanie Howard-Smith (KCL): Fashioning “Dogmanity”: The More-than-Human Family in Horace Walpole’s Circle.  

The Centre was founded in 2008 as an umbrella organisation for all researchers and students in eighteenth-century studies at Queen Mary, University of London. The centre has members in a wide range of humanities disciplines (including Comparative Literature, English & Drama, History, Geography), and provides intellectual support for colleagues through research-related events. 

There is a vibrant cohort of PhD students supervised in the centre who run an eighteenth-century reading group. Members welcome approaches from potential PhD students via e-mail, and you can visit our alumni page to hear from former postgraduates. 

We organise a regular research seminar. A list of previous seminars and conferences can be found in our archive.

We also sponsor an early-career visiting fellowship in collaboration with the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. 

For forthcoming eighteenth-century studies conferences and seminars in the UK see our news and events page.

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