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Policies and procedures

Please read the Residents' Handbook for detailed information on the Queen Mary's policies and procedures. Salient sections are summarised and linked to below.

All residents will be given 24 hours notice (where possible) for access to rooms.

All staff will wear uniform and appropriate ID.

They will knock loudly and announce themselves before entering your room.

If you have any issues regarding this please contact Residential Services at

Residential Services are committed to providing a high quality service to all our guests. When something goes wrong we would like to hear from you as this will help us improve our standards.

What is a complaint?

We are confident that most issues will be relatively minor routine issues which can be resolved quickly by staff, with the person(s) directly concerned. Where a problem is not resolved or is too serious to be dealt with informally and you wish to escalate the matter, please contact Residential Services who aim to resolve all issues relating to Queen Mary housing at:

We keep a record of all complaints as this enables us to identify areas of concern and help improve the service provided. All complaints are registered, monitored and reviewed by the relevant Senior Manager.

Our aim is to ensure that:

  • Making a complaint is as easy as possible
  • We deal with complaints promptly, politely and in an appropriate manner

How can you complain?

Complete a Stage 1 Complaint Form and return this to us at:

What should my formal complaint include?

  • Your name, building, flat and room number
  • Your student Id number
  • A clear and concise explanation of what you found unsatisfactory and why you feel that it is unacceptable
  • Any relevant facts including dates
  • A statement of how you feel the situation could be resolved to your satisfaction

What will happen next?

  1. We will send you an email acknowledging your complaint within 72 hours of receiving it. We will also let you know the name of the person who will be dealing with your complaint.   
  2. We will record your complaint in our central register and keep a file of all correspondence.
  3. We will then investigate your complaint.
  4. We may invite you in to discuss the complaint where possible and appropriate; otherwise we will respond to you in writing.
  5. You will receive an initial response to your complaint within 14 days (this may be longer over the Christmas closure).
  6. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can progress to Stage 2 of the Queen Mary’s Complaints Procedure.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we are not permitted to discuss any details of your residential agreement with any other person (including parents or guardians), unless you provide written permission to do so.

Please view the guest policy below:

From 19th July 21

Queen Mary Halls Guest Policy - 19th July 21 [PDF 97KB]

Health and safety ensures the necessary precautions are taken in the halls to provide a safe and secure environment for residents and staff to live, study and work.

Any concerns about Health and Safety should be referred immediately to or for AP to 

(i) The QMUL Health and Safety Policy is available at:


Find out more about the steps we are taking in Queen Mary Halls for your safety and security:

Living Safely [PDF 2,235KB]

Snow and Ice Clearance

During the winter months we actively monitor weather conditions and have systems in place to prepare our external areas in the event snow and ice condition are forecast. When necessary we will display snow and ice warnings in building entrances. During freezing conditions we ask all residents to take care when moving around campus when snow and ice is present.

London Borough of Tower Hamlets Policy

London Borough of Islington Policy  

Please view our housing allocation policy

Fire arms of all types are not permitted on any Queen Mary campus. Any other item which is likely to cause harm or intimidate others is also prohibited. Other prohibited items are: candles, tea lights, hookah / shisha pipes, incense sticks etc. Any prohibited item will be immediately confiscated and may lead to disciplinary action being taken and the Police may be informed. 

We are unable to assume parental responsibility for a student under the age of 18. All students living in halls are expected to behave like adults and to assume adult levels of responsibility. Places in halls are offered on the understanding that the student will be able to adapt to living away from home and to look after themselves in all practical matters.

RSS Under 18s policy [PDF 334KB]

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