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Residents' Handbook

Before you accept your offer of accommodation, you are required to read the terms and conditions of your licence agreement and the Residents' Handbook.

Resident Engagement Strategy

We have a Resident Engagement Strategy, which has been developed to deliver three key aims:

·         To engage with our residents on matters around building and fire safety

·         To give our residents relevant information on staying safe

·         To empower our residents to be proactive and help us keep everyone safe

You will be given a digital copy of this document at the beginning of your licence agreement.  A copy of the Resident Engagement Strategy can also be downloaded using the link below:

Fire Safety Guidance for Residents

You will find important information about Fire Safety in Queen Mary Halls in the leaflet below. It is important that you familiarise yourself with this information, and note your responsibilities as a member of the halls community in ensuring fire safety.

Cleaning Agreements for Queen Mary Halls

Below you will find the current cleaning agreements for Queen Mary Halls kitchens and shared bathrooms. If you live in Aspire Point, Blithehale Court or Sherren House, you will have local arrangements which differ from these - contact the Reception in your accommodation with queries regarding cleaning in your hall.

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