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The voluntary sector has a long record of housing students in London. Some hostels will have a religious background whilst others will aim to cater to a particular range of students (e.g. music students, postgraduates with families, medical students).

This list is provided as an information source, the hostels included have not been inspected or endorsed by Housing Services.

Danish YMCA (Male/female, Danish origin only)
German YMCA (Male/female)
Indian Student Hostel (Male/female, Indian origin only)

International Students House (Male/female)

Lee Abbey International Students Club
(Male/female, couples accepted, minimum period one term)
London Hostel Association London (Male/female, long or short term)

Nansen Village (Married couples & families, postgraduates only, long term)

Queen Alexandra’s House (Female only, long or short term)
RMI Hostels (Female only)
Victoria League House
(Male/female, for students from Commonwealth [or former] countries)
(Various locations in Central London, male/female, long or short term)

William Temple House (Male/female, long term)

Wombat’s City Hostel (Male/female, maximum stay 7 nights)
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