Residential Services and Support


1. I am a new applicant to Queen Mary for 2020, can I apply for housing during the current Coronavirus situation?

Yes, online housing applications are open for 2020/21, more information can be found at:

2. I am a current resident in Queen Mary halls and I’m not sure of my contractual obligation if I move out before the end of my licence agreement, during the current Coronavirus situation?

Housing Services are offering a phased release from halls:

a)       Students who departed up to and including 23 March, will be released from 24 March until the end of their residential licence agreement.

b)      Students who depart on 24 March up to and including 13 April, will be released from 14 April until the end of their residential licence agreement.

c)       Students who depart from 14 April up to and including 25 April, will be released from 26 April until the end of their residential licence agreement.

d)      Students who depart on or after 26 April will remain liable for residential fees until the end of their residential licence agreement.

3. I live in Queen Mary halls but haven’t been able to return to remove my belongings and return my keys, what is my situation regarding residential fees?

We realise this is a very worrying time for all our students and many of you have questions about belongings left on campus in your rooms. We have been working to develop a solution for you, and now have two options for you to consider and choose between:

  1. If you have a significant amount of belongings still in your room, we will reduce the residential fees by 60% of the full cost, backdated to 14 April 2020, until the end of your current residential licence agreement.  Should there be no resolution regarding the lockdown after the end of your current licence agreement, we will contact you again with further options.
  2. If you only have minimal belongings (with little or no personal value) in your room, we are offering to clear and dispose of the remaining items, subject to your written authorisation.  We will charge a fee for this service of £75.00 (which will be deducted from your deposit, if applicable) to cover our costs.  Once we receive your written authorisation, your residential fee liability will cease and you will be released from any further contractual obligation.  We will send you further information regarding the return of your keys and access card should you chose this option.

 Please contact if you have any questions or would like further clarification.

4. What will happen if I cannot return to clear my belongings from Queen Mary halls after the expiry of my current licence agreement?

This situation is under review and advice will be provided to all residents, as the current restrictions on movement develops

5. I have completely moved out of Queen Mary halls and returned my keys, how will I receive any refund of residential fees or deposit due to me?

Housing Services are working hard to ensure there are minimal delays in this process, but due to the volume of refunds, this may take a little longer than usual.  You will be emailed when the refund has been made and advised of the amount.

6. I am still residing in halls and wish to extend my current licence agreement for the summer vacation?

Please contact Housing Services at for further instructions.

7. I am coming as a first-year undergraduate. Should I wait for my A-Level results to come out before I apply for accommodation?

No. You should apply as soon as the Admissions Office sends your username and password, this is generated once you accept your offer to study at Queen Mary. You will not be expected to accept your offer of housing until after you get your results.

8. Do you mix undergraduates with postgraduates in halls?

No. We designate certain building for each type of student. Sometimes we may allocate mature undergraduates/exchange students who are over 22 years old with postgraduates, but generally they are kept separate.

9. Can Housing Services send me an application form for housing?

No, all applications must now be made online. For further information, deadlines, and housing policy please visit our applications page.

10. Why do I get an error when I try to logon or apply online?

You can only apply for Accommodation if you have accepted a place to study at the University; you must have accepted a Conditional or Unconditional (Firm) offer to apply for Accommodation online.

There may be a few hours delay in you being able to apply for housing after you receive your login details from Admissions (Please take this delay into consideration if you will be applying close to our stated deadlines). If you experience any significant delay, please email

Once you have submitted your housing application, you will receive an email confirmation from Housing Services.

11. Can I change my options/room preferences once I've submitted my form?

Yes - you are now able to amend your application form once it has been submitted. This is to ensure that you are happy with your selected preferences before an offer of accommodation is sent to you.

12. I have changed my details - can you amend them on the system?

Unfortunately, we cannot change any details that you provided to UCAS/QMUL’s Admissions and Recruitment Office. You will need to officially change your details via and you will also have to check that your details have been updated with QMUL’s Admissions and Recruitment Office. If you have changed your parental home address from the one that is on your UCAS/direct university application, in order for your accommodation application to be reviewed you will also be required to provide Housing Services with:

a) Proof of the completion of sale of the current permanent home address or proof of the letting of the property to a new tenant (if the home address is rented) and
b) If your parents are re-locating within the British Isles, proof of the new address and your registration with a doctor at the new address.
c) If your parents are re-locating abroad, copies of their visas or permission to work and letter from new employer confirming their contract.

Once the necessary documentation is received your application will be reviewed.

13. When will I hear if I have been successful in getting a place in halls?

We begin room allocations in mid July and this process continues throughout the rest of the summer, in numerous rounds of allocations.

14. What if I don't like what I've been offered?

QMUL student accommodation is oversubscribed and whilst you are asked to prioritise your preferences, no guarantees are made. All allocations are made at the sole discretion of the College. Please note that if you reject your offer of accommodation your application will be placed on a wait list until all other unallocated students have been made an offer, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive another offer of a room in halls.

15. Can I visit the halls of residence?

Yes, you can visit our halls of residence during official College/Departmental Open Day. Unfortunately you will not be able to visit our residences outside of official Open Days, however you can view via the residences website

16. When is payment due for the deposit?

The deposit payment (£350.00) is due by the deadline date on your online accommodation offer. You will be required to pay by credit or debit card, at the same time that you accept your housing offer online. If you are unable to do this, please contact Housing Services for further instructions. 

17. Will I be able to live in Halls in my second year?

No. Priority goes to new applicants. However any student can submit an application for vacancies that may occur mid-term.

18. Can I cancel my License Agreement once I have accepted my offer?

Our Cancellation Policy is that, you may change your mind up to 2 working days (working days are deemed to be Mondays to Fridays) after the day you accept your housing offer online. In this case you will be refunded the deposit in full (minus an administration fee of £30, inclusive of VAT, for the processing of the refund). This entitlement to cancel ceases if you have had face to face contact with a member of the Housing Services team and / or after the start date of the licence.

19. If I move into Halls and don't like it and want to move out, can I cancel my contract?

No. You will have signed a legally binding licence agreement for a full academic year (this condition does not apply to mid-year starters) :

  • Undergraduate Applicants -  from September to June (approximately 38 weeks, unless you are a single semester Study Abroad student).
  • Postgraduate Applicants - from September to September (approximately 51 weeks, unless you are a single semester Study Abroad student).

We can only release you from your rent liability if we manage to re-let your room to another eligible student.

20. Can you help me to find private sector housing if I don't want to live in College housing?

Yes. We have many years of experience in helping students find suitable private accommodation. The section contains a full set of guidance notes. There is also an online property search facility and we have an where students can advertise vacancies for co-sharers.

21. Are any QM halls catered?

No. All the on-campus halls are self-catering. However, there are many catering outlets on the campus or you can apply for one of the fully catered University of London .

22. Is there parking on campus?

There is no student parking on campus.

23. Do I have to move out of my room during the Christmas or Easter vacation?

No, the room is yours for the full licence period.

24. Do you have any single-sex halls?

We allocate a number of single sex flats in the residences that share bathroom facilities. In our en-suite residences (where there are no shared bathrooms) all flats are mixed sex.

25. Do I have to bring my own bed linen, towels, crockery and cutlery, pots and pans?

Yes, or you can purchase these items from QMUL online shop. If you do decide to bring your own bed linen, the approximate bed size is 90cm x 190cm (3'0" x 6'3").

What to take to University - Essentials Checklist

26. Can I arrange for luggage/parcels to be sent ahead of my arrival in Halls?

We do not have the facilities to accept or store luggage/post before you arrive. Please ensure the delivery arrives after you do. The College is under no legal obligation to sign for any delivery on a student’s behalf and belongings will not be covered by the University's block insurance policy until the student is in residence.

27. Are overnight guests allowed to stay in my room in halls?

Yes, but this is limited to one overnight guest for a maximum of 2 nights, on one occasion per calendar month. 

28. Is there a guest room I can book for my parents when they bring me to QMUL?

Unfortunately, we do not have guest rooms in the residences. Parents requiring overnight accommodation should seek further guidance via our webpage.

29. Can I arrive a few days earlier, than stated on my licence agreement?

No, the arrival date is usually the Saturday prior to Welcome Week - please check your licence agreement for confirmation of your move in date. You will not able to move in any earlier than this date. If you plan to arrive early then you are responsible for finding your own accommodation via our  webpage.

30. Who will I be living with?

Due to the Data Protection Act 1998 the University cannot provide you with the details of your new flat/house mates. However, many students visit social networking sites such as Facebook to make contact with other people who will be living in their area.

If you choose to use any social media to find flat mates (on or off campus) please remember that the majority of these sites are public, and anyone can view your name, and possibly your address, online including other personal details.