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Private halls of residence

Guidance for Students currently living within Private Hall of Residences

If you have signed a fixed term contract and are living within private sector housing, the current Government advice is that you should continue to pay rent and abide by all other terms of your tenancy agreement to the best of your ability. If you have, or are planning to move of your current accommodation before the end of the fixed term tenancy, you would still remain liable for the full rental payment until the fixed term tenancy ends. Please check directly with your provider to discuss their current policy on residents who wish to terminate their agreements before a contract’s expiry date.

If you are currently, or believe that at a later date, you will have difficulty in paying your rent, it’s important to contact your private built hall provider immediately to discuss this.

An early conversation between yourself and the provider could help both parties to agree a plan if you are struggling to pay you rent. This plan could include reaching a temporary agreement not to seek possession action for a period of time and instead accept a lower level of rent, or agree a plan to pay off arrears at a later date.

Government Guidance for Tenants and Landlords

University of London Housing Services legal advice for students living within private sector Housing

We strongly recommend that any private hall of residence you are considering booking, has membership to the Code of Standard for Larger Student Residential Developments.

There are several non-profit organisations providing comfortable, affordable and secure accommodation for students in London.

Ashwell House (catered hall of residents, for female university students in London)
AA4S (a recognised partner provider with Queen Mary)

Goodenough College (Offers accommodation for single residents, couples and families)

Griffin House (buddy scheme for dental and medical students where they befriend older local residents)
International Student House
Zebra Housing Association (for postgraduate family accommodation)

Additionally there are many privately built large student housing schemes in London, many are located within a short distance of Queen Mary. They are built to a very high standard (with many rooms being en-suite or studio style), however they are often more expensive than housing provided directly by Queen Mary or living in other types of private accommodation. When deciding if this option is for you, you will also need to consider the length of contract that you are expected to sign. Currently most private halls of residence offer 50/51 week contracts, some shorter term contracts may be available however you will find that these will be for a higher premium.

It is also recommended that you only use a provider that has signed up to the ANUK Code of Standards.

Homes  for Students - with accommodation in Stratford
Host - with accommodation in Aldgate and Bethnal Green
IQ Student Accommodation - with accommodation in Aldgate and Whitechapel
Scape - with accommodation in Mile End and Shoreditch
Student Housing Company - with accommodation in Whitechapel and Barbican
Unite - with accommodations in Mile End, Bethnal Green, and Stratford (a recognised partner provider with Queen Mary)
University of London - with accommodation in Stratford

Hall Bookers is a website for helping students find private halls near the university. The website uses students reviews, unedited photographs and its own written descriptions to give a independent view of all private halls in London.

Please note: All these halls are external to the University so you will need to contact them directly for further information. They are open to all students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, and to students from other universities in the locality.