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Leaving instructions

These leaving instructions are procedures to guide you through your final departure from Halls. If you are moving out from halls earlier than the expiration of your licence agreement, please read this important information regarding your contractual obligations.

Before you leave please ensure:

  • Your room, kitchen and other common areas of your residence must be vacated and left completely clear of all items and rubbish. Extra rubbish bags are available for your use and can be collected from Reception at France House, Security Reception at Dawson Hall or from the Security Office in the Garrod Building. Additional cleaning or rubbish clearance will be charged for. For information on Queen Mary's Reuse Scheme to donate unwanted items to help future students and local charities, please visit their website.
  • Keys including access cards and post box keys must be returned in person by 10:00hrs on the last day of your licence agreement to the correct location for your accommodation area:
Area Location
Mile End Reception, France House, Westfield Way
Dawson Hall Security Reception, Dawson Hall
Floyer House Security Reception, Garrod Building
Aspire Point Reception, Aspire Point
Blithehale Court Reception, Blithehale Court
Sherren House Reception, Sherren House
  • Keys should be returned in person in an envelope, with your full name, student ID number and accommodation details (name of building, flat number and room letter) written clearly on the envelope. Free envelopes will also be available at key drop off points. You will be issued with a key receipt, which is your proof of return to avoid any charges. Please do not hand in keys loosely, as keys that cannot be matched or identified will lead to charges being applied. Do not leave the keys in your room, or give them to a friend to hand in on your behalf. Ensure all doors and windows are locked.
  • Any keys not returned by the end date of the licence agreement or returned late will result in additional charges (which may include a minimum charge of £120.00 for a lock-change, plus £25.00 per item; key, access card, postbox key).
  • Do not return the window lock or desk key - these should be left in your room for the next occupant. 

After you have left we will:

  • Check your room and communal areas for any damage, missing fixtures and fittings, rubbish removal and additional cleaning.
  • Apply charges, if applicable, for damage, missing fixtures and fittings, rubbish removal and additional cleaning.
  • Check if you have any outstanding residential fees.

If you are being collected by car you will be permitted to bring a vehicle on site (at Mile End or Charterhouse Square) for up to 45 minutes to load. Parking on site for longer periods or overnight is not permitted. Security will assist you to find a suitable place to park onsite. There is no university parking provision at Floyer House, parking is on public roads and charges at certain times will apply.

Any mail or packages received after your departure will be returned to sender. We are unable to re-direct post or hold post for collection. You must ensure that all your post is re-directed, prior to your departure, please arrange this with the Post Office.
Please contact us immediately if you have any queries regarding this information.
We hope you have enjoyed your stay in Queen Mary housing.

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