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Residential fee payments

As a resident in halls you will have electronically signed a legally binding licence agreement to occupy your room, making you liable for payment of residential fees. Information on residential fees, the relevant deadlines and payment options has already been provided to you on your licence agreement and in the Residents Handbook. However if you do not have this information readily to hand, you may find the following information essential to guide you through the process of paying your residential fees.

Please note: Financial arrangements (both deposit and residential fee payments) for Sherren House (Unite Students) residents are managed directly by the provider.

Your licence agreement is your residential fee confirmation. You will also receive an invoice for the full period of the licence agreement by email. We cannot issue invoices before the start date of the licence agreement. Residential fee reminders will be sent by email. Your financial status can also be checked on MySIS.

Residential fees should be paid each term in full on, or within 14 days from, the commencement date of each period on the licence.

The deposit payment (£300.00) is due by the deadline date to accept your online accommodation offer, it is an integral part of the acceptance process. You will need to enable a ‘3D Secure Code’ for Mastercard payments and a ‘Verified By Visa Code’ for VISA card payments. If you are unable to do this, please contact Housing Services for further instructions.

There is no fee for online payments. You will receive an automated email receipt as proof of payment. You will need to enable a ‘3D Secure Code’ for Mastercard payments and a ‘Verified By Visa Code’ for VISA card payments.

b) PAYMENT IN PERSON AT THE QUEEN MARY CASHIERS OFFICE (Mile End Campus, Room W118 Queens Building). The Queen Mary Cashiers accepts payments by:

i) Credit card - MASTERCARD or VISA only (currently there is no additional charge)


You are recommended to contact your card company in advance to alert them of the amount you wish to authorise (particularly if you are using an overseas card).

c) CHEQUES: Personal cheques are NOT accepted. Bankers drafts and building society cheques are accepted and must be made payable to Queen Mary University of London or QMUL, in pounds sterling. Non-sterling cheques will NOT be accepted. Please write your full name and student ID number on the back of the bank draft.

d) DIRECT BANK TRANSFER: You must email a copy of your bank transfer remittance advice to immediately, as proof of payment and to enable the payment to be credited to your account. The bank must quote your surname and your student ID or applicant number in the transfer details. Please note, for international transfers both the sending and receiving bank will charge you for this service, you must add at least £15 per transaction to cover these fees. To avoid late receipt of the payment, bank transfers should be sent from your bank 7 days before the residential fee deadline date for UK transfers, and 14 days for overseas transfers. Once the transfer is received we will send you confirmation in the form of an email.

NB: Queen Mary cannot receive money by Western Union Transfer.


Account name: Queen Mary University of London

Sort Code: 20 – 57 – 30

Account Number: 70211729

Bank and Address: Barclays Bank Plc, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP

Non UK banks will need the following information:

IBAN GB 79 BARC 205730 70211729

NB: Cash will not be accepted over the counter at our bank

You can arrange to pay your residential fees on a variable instalment plan in agreement with Residences Finance, after your arrival. You will be required to countersign the payment plan. Please email to enquire about setting up a payment plan.

You may be asked to provide documentary evidence to support your request for a payment plan. Payment plans are at the discretion of the Residences Finance Manager. An administration fee of £30 inclusive of VAT will be charged for failure to adhere to the agreed payment arrangement.

Online payments or payments in person at the Cashier’s Office will automatically generate a receipt. Bank transfer payments will be confirmed by email receipt, once funds are received.

If you require an official receipt to obtain a visa to study in the UK, please contact Student Enquiry Unit. An official receipt will be issued for advance residential fees only (not deposit payments). Please allow 14 days to receive this, prior to applying for your visa. You need to make this request by email to, please quote "Visa Letter Required" in the subject line.

Please note, if you are applying for Tier 4 (General) Student immigration permission, and you would like to pay money for your QMUL accommodation in advance, a maximum of £1265 of this can be shown on your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS), even if you have paid more than £1265. This means that a maximum of £1265 in accommodation fees can be offset against the amount of money that you have to show for maintenance to the UK Visas and Immigration department as part of your Tier 4 immigration application.

(i) For more information go to:

An administration fee of £30 inclusive of VAT will be charged for credit/debit card payments/refunds that are not authorised, the issuing of a Notice to Quit, and the failure to adhere to any agreed payment arrangement.

Bank handling charges incurred by, or charged to Queen Mary, will be passed on to you for reimbursement.

Contact Residences Finance before you miss any payment.

For confidential financial advice contact Queen Mary's Advice and Counselling Service ( You are also advised to make the Advice and Counselling Service and your Academic department, aware of any financial difficulties or delays you may be experiencing. They can offer you advice and in some cases financial assistance.

Late payment of residential fees (without an agreed payment plan) may incur a £30 administration fee.

Non-payment of residential fees will result in you being required to leave your accommodation.  An administration fee of £30 inclusive of VAT will be charged if a Notice to Quit is issued. An unsatisfactory payment record will jeopardise any future eligibility for the Queen Mary housing and private sector references. Debt collection agencies will be used to recover any outstanding debt (additional costs to Queen Mary will be passed onto the debtor).

The deposit is held against non-payment of residential fees, cleaning charges, lost keys, disciplinary charges and assigned or unassigned damages to, or for the loss/replacement of, Queen Mary residential property.

The deposit, in most cases, will be credited against your final instalment of residential fees. Once the credit to your residential fee account has been made, you will receive email confirmation of this

All loss/damage charges will be charged via your residential account and an invoice will be sent to inform you of this charge by email, where you will be required to pay this amount immediately. A list of standard charges can be found in the Residents' Handbook.

All or part of the deposit may be retained by Queen Mary as a contribution towards any loss or costs suffered by Queen Mary, as a result of a cancellation made outside of the licence cancellation period. Please refer to the licence agreement page for further details.

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