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Staff Bonus Scheme

The 2024 Staff Bonus Scheme is now open for applications from colleagues in Grades 1-7 (and in equivalent clinical grades). 

To qualify for this year’s bonus scheme, staff must have completed the following core mandatory training modules by Wednesday 7 February 2024 (the deadline for line managers to submit application forms for their staff): 

  1. Introducing Inclusion 
  2. Safeguarding Essentials (for those in student-facing roles) 

Further details about Queen Mary’s mandatory training, including links to the courses are available from Queen Mary’s mandatory training page. 

The aim is to reward exceptional contributions through one-off bonus payments to all those whose application is successful, once all the Bonus Panel processes have been completed. 

Pay increments may also be awarded where there is evidence of the longer-term impact of exceptional performance, at a level that is consistently above the usual requirements for the role, for longer than one year and on an ongoing basis (NB. an additional pay increment is not available for staff in clinical grades because their pay is set by the NHS). Further details are in the scheme guidelines. 

The criteria for a bonus award are set out below. It is important to ensure that the expectations are aligned to the grade(s) of those being put forward for a bonus. For an individual or team bonus for those colleagues in grades 1-4, the examples of excellence/impact will be of a different scale to those colleagues at grade 5-7. 

Criteria – How? (Values)

Criteria – What?

Impact of what has been delivered (Measures)

  • Inclusive
  • Proud
  • Ambitious
  • Collegial
  • Ethical





o   Substantially exceeding role requirements to complete a one-off or time limited task or service for customers or colleagues

Achievement of particularly challenging goals or objectives by individuals or teams overcoming significant obstacles to ensure targets are met

Demonstration of exceptional flexibility by individuals or teams which contributed directly to the achievement of objectives

o   Development and delivery of innovative or creative new solutions that have impact

o   Exceptional personal responsibility/impact either as an individual or by a team as an example of good citizenship, inclusivity, or environmental sustainability

o   Delivery of work output(s), project(s) or initiative(s) that impacts beyond the usual scope of the role/grade or their area of responsibility

o   Improvements in services to customers and/or achievement of objectives in challenging circumstances

o   Positive feedback from customers and or peers

o   Achievement of objectives in challenging circumstances

  • Legacy of initiative or contribution or cross-functional collaboration will be greater than one year
  • Demonstrable reduction in wastage or efficiency gains
  • Number of staff or students supported or benefiting from the activity
  • Financial savings or income generation
  • Risk mitigation accomplished
  • Scale and significance of activity is beyond usual area of responsibility
  • Duration of contribution e.g. 3+ months
  • Extent/scale of cross-organisational/team working with other parts of the organisation
  • Long-term upskilling of team that has an impact on future ways of working/projects

For a team award, the criteria are the same, however the emphasis is on an activity that has been a shared team success.

Pay increments may be awarded to individual colleagues where there is evidence of the longer-term impact of exceptional performance, at a level above their usual role expectations, for more than one year and on an ongoing basis.

Please click on this link for further details on the Values in action.

Applications made by individuals and teams for the 2024 Staff Bonus Scheme will close on Monday 22 January 2024 (these are to include the line manager’s review). The guidance notes and application forms are available below.  

2024 Staff Bonus Scheme Guidelines v3 [PDF 257KB]

2024 Staff Bonus Scheme One Off Lump Sum Nomination Form [DOC 44KB]

2024 Staff Bonus Scheme Annual Increment Nomination Form [DOC 39KB]

Should you have any questions about the application process please email the Reward and Benefits team at

All bonus applications, whether supported or not, should be sent by Heads/Directors to no later than Wednesday 7 February 2024.


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