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Human Resources

Pay Dates

The University agree to pay staff under their terms and conditions on a set day each month.  Salaries are paid monthly by credit transfer into a bank or building society account. All payments are made subject to compliance with legislation and regulations for deductions from pay. Payment is on the 24th day of each month or on the previous Friday if the 24th occurs on a Saturday or Sunday. Payment is made for the whole calendar month (i.e. three weeks in arrears and one week in advance). December salaries are usually paid earlier in the month.

Depending upon the type of contract, the individual will either receive a printed payslip or will log onto My HR to print their own.  Payslips will be ready to print each pay day.

The HR department must work to a very tight time scale to ensure that the 7,000 College staff receive the correct amount due to them each month on the above pay dates.  Therefore we require departments to provide us with information on time so we do not jeopardise any payments to staff.

The time whereby information should be submitted to us are referred to as Department Cut-Off dates and is the date by which you should have your information in to the HR department.  These are usually the last working day before the month in which the payment is to be paid. (E.g. information to be included in the April payroll payment needs to be in the HR department by 31st March of the same year).

Whilst we will do our best to process any information received after this time, because of the number of staff we are now paying each month, we cannot guarantee it.

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