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QMUL develops novel organic radiation detectors
2 August 2019

Congratulations to Xiaoqi Liu for passing her viva on the development of bulk heterojunction radiation detectors as a part of the Particle Physics Research Centre and the Centre for Condensed Matter Physics.

ATLAS_eventdisplay_higgstomumu Searches For Very Rare Decays Of The Higgs Boson By The Atlas Experiment
11 August 2017

The Particle Physics Research Centre at QMUL have been searching for the very rare decay of the Higgs boson into two muons harvesting the data collected by the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

THyperKPro The Hyper-Kamiokande Project Is In The Mext Large Projects Roadmap
4 August 2017

Hyper-Kamiokande (Hyper-K), a third-generation Water Cherenkov detector and the latest in an illustrious series of world-leading experiments located in Japan, is being developed by an international collaboration.

T2K Presents Hint of CP T2K Presents Hint of CP Violation By Neutrinos
3 August 2017

The international T2K Collaboration, where Queen Mary group plays significant roles, strengthened its previous hint that the symmetry between matter and antimatter may be violated for neutrino oscillation.  

PSISTAR Students in visit at CERN PSISTAR Students in visit at CERN
20 February 2017

On Monday February 20, a delegation of PsiStar students have visited CERN and its facilities. They visited the first synchrocyclotron built at CERN in 1954 and then they went underground to visit the cathedral-size CMS and ATLAS experiments, taking data at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

New Earth-Like Planet New Earth-Like Planet found around nearest Star
24 August 2016

Clear evidence of a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Solar System, has been found by an international team of scientists led by astronomers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Women Day with SPA Celebrate the International Women Day with SPA
3 March 2016

SPA and the Juno Committee is celebrating the International Women's Day with a special lecture on women and physics in the developing world. Join us on Wednesday 9th March at 13:30 in the G.O.Jones Lecture Theater.

Half-Life Half-Life: A Mysterious Tale of Neutrinos and Spies
12 February 2016

Frank Close, acclaimed author of several books explaining physics to the general audience, will come to the School of Physics and Astronomy at QMUL on Friday March 4th at 4:15pm in the G.O.Jones Lecture Theatre. He will talk about his latest book telling the story of physicist Bruno Pontecorvo.