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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

PhDs in Modern Languages and Cultures

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures conducts research in literary, visual and cultural history from the Middle Ages to the present. We collaborate closely with the Department of Comparative Literature and its members as we share many research interests with them.

Special Research Centres and Supervision Strengths

MLC hosts or contributes to a number of flourishing Research Centres:

Seminar series:

Major yearly lectures:

  • The Angermion Annual Lecture (German)
  • The BASF Lecture Series (German)
  • The Camões Annual Lecture (Hispanic Studies)
  • The Catalan Annual Lecture (Hispanic Studies)
  • The Kate Elder Lecture (Hispanic Studies)
  • The Malcolm Bowie Lecture, held alternately at the Institute of Modern Languages Research (French)


In addition to high-quality supervision in French, German, Russian, Hispanic Studies (Catalan, Portuguese and Spanish), Visual Cultures and Translation, the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures has particular supervision strengths in the following areas:

Application Procedure

Please check the following sections as you begin working on your application:

Entry Requirements

Funding Competition

Prepare your Application


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