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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Liberal Arts

BA Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts offers choice and flexibility to explore across the Humanities and Social Sciences. You’ll encounter new languages and cultures, forge new connections across diverse studies, and discover your passions. Our students are independent, critical and compassionate thinkers who develop new skills to help them succeed in a global marketplace.  

Space to Explore

The concept of the Liberal Arts stretches back centuries, focussing on what underpins active and effective citizenship. You’ll develop the skills and tools to excel in the modern world, equipping agile, curious learners to become global leaders.


You’ll choose what to study from a wide array of options across our contributing Schools across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Within your degree, you can explore Languages, Film, History, Geography, English & Drama, Politics & International Relations, and more.


All of our Liberal Arts students study a language in their first year to help develop broad cultural awareness, improve linguistic skills, and learn to connect across cultures. Experienced language teachers will ensure that you study the language at the right level for you, whether that be a complete beginner, a native speaker, or anywhere in between. Typical options include French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. You can take this even further by exploring the option for a year abroad as an integral part of your degree.

Liberal Arts provides me with a foundation to deal with world issues interdisciplinarily. Because I get to study modules in a flexible way, ranging across different subjects, such as Film, Theatre and History, I feel equipped to think more critically. That way I get to explore all my interests at the same time. I also get to know students from all Schools and therefore have been able to make friends from across the University. Liberal Arts is a way for you to avoid narrowing down too soon and lets you tailor your course with Humanities, Languages and Arts subjects.
— Rosa Von Lieven, BA Liberal Arts student

Support to Grow

Liberal Arts offers a chance for critical and compassionate research across disciplinary boundaries, helping graduates demonstrate leadership and creativity across cultures. Your studies will help you become a flexible, competent, self-starting graduate ready to be an engaged global citizen.


We value diversity, and our students work across disciplines to develop a wide range of skills, exploring material that ranges from the local to the global. Students work with Advisors to help them thrive during their studies and are supported by the Director of Liberal Arts and Major/Minor Theme Leads.


We focus on community and exploration, organising events to help students make the most of being at the heart of this global city. We help to curate student choice and ensure that our students feel like a group. Together, Liberal Arts students will study core modules tailored for them as well as choosing their own path with our interdisciplinary Major and Minor themes.


Our Liberal Arts programme develops graduates ready to be global citizens, enriching their study with subjects they love, and equipping them with the skills they need to succeed
— Dr Andrew WM Smith, Director of Liberal Arts , Programme Lead

Skills to Succeed

Liberal Arts students develop a transferable skill set which is more important than ever, mastering data gathering, data analysis, independent reflection, communication, judgement, and international awareness. These skills are highly valued by employers and open up a wide range of options across the private, public and third sectors. Curating your own studies ensures that you follow your passions, presenting fulfilling opportunities to engage with new challenges and develop your independence.

Watch our video below to find out more about the unique structure and advantages of our BA Liberal Arts programme. Hear firsthand from students who have thrived in this diverse and dynamic course environment as they share their personal experiences and achievements.

Get a taste for studying BA Liberal Arts

By pursuing a BA in Liberal Arts, you'll explore a wealth of topics and subject areas. However, to give you a taste of the types of activities you could get involved in, take a look at the taster lecture below which forms part of a language and culture module, focussing on images and politics:

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