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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Research in French

Book cover Critical Lives Albert Camus by Edward HughesBook cover, Proust, Class & Nation by Edward Hughes

  • Socio-political contextualization of modern French literature
  • Francophone writing
  • Life writing
  • Colonial and postcolonial writing by women
  • OuLiPo
  • Text-image relations
  • The work of contemporary women artists
  • Medieval and early modern visual culture
  • Feminist theory and criticism
  • Narratology
  • Postcolonial perspectives
  • Modern Francophone writing
  • Pre-modern vernacular translation and cross-cultural transmission

Book Cover, The Virtuoso Circle by Adrian ArmstrongBook cover, The Multilingual Muse by Adrian Armstrong

  • Late medieval poetry and poetics
  • Relations between French-language and Dutch-language writing in Burgundy
  • Vernacular translation and cross-cultural transmission
  • Approaches to scholarly editing
  • Manuscript studies and book history
  • Language and national identity in France, Quebec and Sweden
  • Language policy and planning
  • Language attitudes
  • Regional languages in France
  • Variation in French
  • Language in the European Union
  • Languages and globalisation

The research staff and their areas of expertise: 

Professor Adrian Armstrong

  • Late medieval literature (French and Dutch); book history; reception studies; translation studies; visual culture; scholarly editing; Belgian culture; literary theory

Professor Leigh Oakes

  • Language attitudes, language ideologies and nationalism/national identity; language policy and planning (LPP), and normative approaches to LPP as developed in political philosophy/political theory

Dr Emilie Oléron Evans

  • Cultural transfers, circulations of people, objects and thoughts; art and translation, art in translation; transnational history of art museums and collections, with a focus on the interactions between France, Germany and Britain; women in art history: translators, mediators, scholars and curators; history of the Modern Movement in art, architecture and design

Dr Rebekah Vince

  • Francophone postcolonial studies; translation and multilingualism; transcultural memory studies; North African literature in French; Jewish-Muslim interactions; Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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