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Portuguese is the third most spoken Western language, comprising over 400 million speakers across four continents. Brazil, the world’s 5th biggest  country  and 8th largest economy, counts 185 million speakers of the variant most used in business and telecommunications. Portuguese is the language of a rich literature and  millenial culture of Portugal, also an ideal gateway to other parts of the globe. It is the official language of five countries in Africa, an expanding  economy and vibrant culture (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé e Príncipe). In Asia, it is spoken in East Timor and is the administrative language of Macau (China).

Our 2018 Portuguese undergraduate programmes include:

Hispanic Studies and Portuguese

French and Portuguese

In 2019 Portuguese will be part of our new BA in Modern Languages programme

This will now allow you to choose to study Portuguese, as a beginner, post a-level or as a native speaker, with one of the following languages; French, German, Russian or Spanish as part of a joint degree.

Or you could choose to study Portuguese, as a minor subject in three langauge degree.

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