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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Mandarin Chinese Research

Details about the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAPH2) competition, offering up to 90 AHRC-funded studentships can be found here 

Details about the QMUL Principal's Postgraduate Research Studentships can be found here

Areas of research interest and expertise include:

  • Modern and/or Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Sinophone literature
  • Taiwan Literature
  • Ethnicity and/or indigeneity in Chinese contexts
  • Global Chineseness
  • Gender and/or Sexuality in Chinese contexts


Kyle Shernuk is a scholar of modern and contemporary Chinese and Sinophone literatures, with a particular interest in disempowered and minoritised populations. His current research and book project focus on the issue of ethnicity in Chinese-language literature from China and Taiwan. It asks how different ethnic identities are constructed and relate to ideas about what it means ‘to be Chinese’ at the turn of the twenty-first century. His earlier and related research has investigated the intersection of ethnicity and sexuality in Chinese contexts, as well as described new modes performing queer identities in late twentieth-century China. In addition to my academic research, I am also an active translator. His published translations can be found in A New Literary History of Modern China (2017), A Taiwanese Literature Reader (2020), and A Queer Taiwanese Fiction Reader. He is currently working on a translation of aboriginal Taiwan writer Syaman Rapongan’s novel Tiankong de yanjing

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