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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Undergraduate study

BA Modern Languages

Do you love learning languages and studying other cultures? Put together your ideal combination with our flexible BA Modern Languages degree. It lets you choose one or two from French, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese, with the option of taking a further language as a minor subject.

BA Modern Languages

Careers prospects

Modern Languages students have some of the best job prospects around, and employers are increasingly keen to take on people who have a global perspective and an ability to communicate in languages beyond English. 

Year Abroad

The Year Abroad is a compulsory part of our four-year undergraduate language degree programmes and offers you a unique opportunity to increase your understanding of the countries and languages.

BA Global Development

NEW FOR 2022 - The School also contributes to the BA Global Development.

Programmes for 2022

Take a look at all of the Queen Mary undergraduate programmes for 2022 entry.

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