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Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations

Tower Bridge and Brandenburger Tor

Patron: Alfred Brendel, since 2011

Professorial Research Fellow (em.): Irène Heidelberger-Leonard

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The Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations (CAGCR) was inaugurated on 1 December 2005 by the German Ambassador, Thomas Matussek. The guest of honour for this occasion was Dr Paul Oestreicher, the Dean of Coventry Cathedral and initiator of the Dresden Trust. The CAGCR was established in order to promote the study of cultural transfers and interrelations between Britain and the German speaking world (including Austria and the German speaking parts of Switzerland).

Housed in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures within the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film as a Research Centre of the faculty for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Centre has three main goals:

  • The facilitation of innovative  on Anglo-German cultural relations with special reference to the fields of literature, language, intellectual history and comparative cultural practice, to be published in the Centre's refereed Yearbook, ANGERMION.
  • The provision of high quality  on Anglo-German cultural relations through an MA programme and through PhD supervision.
  • Outreach to the academic and general public through public lectures, colloquia and conferences on important Anglo-German themes and questions with a significant Anglo-German dimension.


Europe and the world - a symphony of cultures

16 – 29 April 2018 at the British Museum

The festival Europe and the world - a symphony of cultures is a collaboration between the British Museum and the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and made possible by the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. Daniel Kühnel, is the Artistic Director of the festival and the Intendant of the Hamburg Symphony. Part of the programme includes the Opening Evening Performance of Metamorphosen by Richard Strauss, as well as a free, drop-in concert of Stockhausen's groundbreaking Telemusik and Nachtmusik performed by the Ensemble für Intuitive Musik, Weimar.

It is for the first time that the British Museum brings together diverse musical traditions in the extraordinary setting of the Museum’s galleries, surrounded by objects in the collection, in this two week festval.

For full details, please visit the festival website.

Keynote Lecture - 'Brexism or: How to Emerge from Political Psychosis'

Professor Rüdiger Görner delivered a Keynote Lecture on 15th March 2018 at the Humboldt Colloquium in Oxford: 'Moving Forward - The UK-German Research Network in a Changing World'. The title of his keynote was 'Brexism or: How to Emerge from Political Psychosis'

"For almost two years we have been watching on a daily basis a political farce with increasingly tragic undertones. The play is called As You Cannot Like It Or: All Pretends to be Well that Began Badly. The problem is that in this play we are not only spectators; embarrassingly, we have volunteered, or been compelled, to become stagehands in this on-going production riddled with inconceivable blunders and collapsing props..."

To read the full lecture, download the AvHumboldt Vortrag - 15 March 2018 [PDF 119KB].

MA in Anglo German Cultural Relations Bursary

BASF (Ludwigshafen/Germany) are offering two bursaries which will provide a maintenance allowance of £11,850 including tuition fees (value £8,700) for UK and EU candidates on the MA in Anglo-German Cultural Relations, for the academic year 2018-19.

To apply for this bursary, applicants with a (predicted) Upper Second or First Class degree in English and/or German are invited to submit a short dissertation research proposal (no more than 300 words in English or German) and a letter of motivation together with their application by 11.59pm on 1st May 2018.

Contact Professor Rüdiger Görner, Programme Convenor ( for more details.

For further information about the MA programme, and the application form, please visit HERE.

Call for Papers

Workshop on:

The Aesthetics of the Fragment in Anglo-German Literary Modernism

1st June 2018, 9am to 6pm

Queen Mary University of London

Organizer: Dr. Kaltërina Latifi, Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations (CAGCR)

This exploratory workshop is designed to investigate aspects of the legacy of the Romantic fragment in literary and philosophical discourses in English and German literature around 1900. Its aims are:

  • To explore intellectual synergies between literary theory, aesthetic theory, art history and music
  • To identify thematic overlaps and differences in those respective disciplines
  • To consider cultural parameters around 1900 that suggested the fragment as a desired form of expression
  • To investigate matters of intentionality behind the fragment as a form of art
  • To consider examples in the reception of fragmentary works as well as the legacy of Romantic theory in this reception

Please email a 150-word abstract of your paper (20 minutes) and a biographical note by 15th February 2018 to Dr Kaltërina Latifi ( either in English or German. A selection of submissions will be made and colleagues be contacted by 1st March 2018. Participants from the UK will need to cover costs through their home institutions. A modest subsidy (£150) towards travel costs will be paid by the CAGCR to participants from EU-countries.

Speakers will be invited to consider submission of their papers to the Editor of the CAGCR’s peer-reviewed Yearbook ANGERMION (de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston).

Writers-in-Residence 2017/18

The Centre's Writer-in-Residence from 25.09. - 17.11.2017 was Daniela Danz.

Alissa Walser will be the Centre's next Writer-in-Residence from 02.02. - 12.04. 2018, and

Karl-Heinz Ott will be Writer-in-Residence from 21.02. - 29.03. 2018 for the first part of his residency, and return to QMUL in spring 2019. 

Neonationale Gebärden im heutigen Britannien

Professor Rüdiger Görner talks about 'Neonationale Gebärden im heutigen Britannien' - Wieder einmal suggeriert der politisch jederzeit abrufbare Mythos: Wir gegen den Rest der Welt. Auf welchen Wurzeln basiert das Nationalgefühl der Briten? 

The Audio is in German, broadcast by SWR2 on 19th November 2017. Please click HERE to listen.

BASF MA Bursary

The BASF (Ludwigshafen/Germany) bursaries for the MA in Anglo-German Cultural Relations for 2017/18 were awarded to Catherine Mason and Gesa Musiol.

A Bursary from the Anglo-German Club in Hamburg is available for MA students in Anglo-German Cultural Relations.

The CAGCR congratulates Ms Richelle Whitehead, the 2016/17 recipient of a BASF MA Bursary on her award of the QMUL Draper's Company Prize 2017 for her outstanding results in the MA in Anglo-German Cultural Relations. 

Visiting Research Fellows

The Centre's Visiting Research Fellow is Dr Kaltërina Latifi with the following two research projects:

• “Shakspeare’s Hamlet”, critical edition of A. W. Schlegel’s Hamlet translation, including a diplomatic transcription of Schlegel’s draft manuscript (Dresden). This project is supported by the Suhrkamp Foundation, Berlin.
• Hans Max von Aufseß, War Diaries, Channel Islands 1943– 1945, critical edition (assistant: Moritz Ruppe). This project is externally funded by an anonymous benefactor.

Biographical note:
Kaltërina Latifi (born 1984) studied Germanistik and philosophy at the University of Lausanne (BA), editorial philology and textual criticism at University of Heidelberg (MA), in 2015 she obtained her PhD in German philology at the University of Heidelberg with a thesis on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s poetics. Elected President of the E.T.A. Hoffmann Society for a three-year period 2017-19; as from 2017 co-editor of the E.T.A. Hoffmann yearbook.

The Centre of Anglo-German Cultural Relations congratulates its Patron, Alfred Brendel KBE, on his ECHO-Klassik 2016 award for his life-time achievement as pianist and writer.


Professor Rüdiger Görner receiving the Cross of Order from the German Ambassador Dr Peter Ammon

Many Congratulations to our Centre's Director, Professor Rüdiger Görner, who has been awarded the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by Germany's Ambassador Dr Peter Ammon. This is the highest tribute the Federal Republic of Germany can pay to individuals for services to the nation.

Professor Görner is an internationally renowned academic, author as well as literary and cultural critic who has been living in Britain since 1981. Ever since he has tirelessly committed to building bridges thorugh cultural engagement between Germany and the UK.

Previously awarded the prestigious Reimar Lüst Prize from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (in 2015), Professor Görner has been described as "an indispensable champion of lasting German-British friendship," and an inspiration to the next generation of Anglo-German scholars. 

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