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Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations


Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations

Professor Rüdiger Görner
Founding Director

Jana Riedel

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Research Section Convenors

Dr James Vigus

Dr Falco Pfalzgraf
Language / Linguistics

Professor Angus Nicholls
Intellectual History

Dr Robert Gillett
Cultural Transfers / Drama

Film / Visual Culture

Research Fellows 

Dr Josh Torabi 
Visiting Research Fellow & Convenor of the OLF


PhD Students

Patrick Chester
Working Title: Magic Contra Mimesis: Metaphysical Thought in Late Romaticism and its Critical Appreciation in Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Adorno

Patricia Kemmer
Working Title: Created museum narratives: reflections on the manifestation of the encounter between people and objects

Catherine Mason 
Working title: Idealism and Ideology in the Language-Learning Classroom: A comparative study of the fluctuating canon of English and German literature for study in language textbooks 1900 to the present

Jana Riedel
Collaborative Doctoral Partnership between QMUL and the Victoria & Albert Museum
Working Title: Prince Albert, the Great Exhibition of 1851 and its Aftermath in the context of Anglo-German Cultural Relations

Matthew Shaul
Working Title: Colour my Dreams? - Colour Photography and the Invention of German Identity

Richelle Whitehead
Working Title: Nietzsche's conception of comprehension

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