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Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations

BASF Lecture Recordings

Dolores Sabaté Planes (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela): Konstellationen der populären naturalistischen Literatur bei Erna Pinner (1890–1987) und Julian Huxley (1887–1975) (25 April 2023)

Alexander Regier (Rice University): Origins and Afterlives of Robinson Kreutznaer: Anglo-German London in the Eighteenth Century (14 March 2023)

Jan Rüger (Birkbeck, University of London): Geht nach England: Hamburg and the Napoleonic Wars (21 February 2023)

Matthew Potter (Northumbria University): German Renaissance art and the British historical imagination: research and representations from the nineteenth century (31 January 2023)

Peter Sprengel (Freie Universität Berlin): Kulturmission und Entsagung oder Rekonstruktion einer Briefliebe: Karl August Varnhagen und Charlotte Williams Wynn (13 December 2022)

Karina Urbach (School of Advanced Study, University of London): Alice’s Book. How the Nazis Stole My Grandmother’s Cookbook (22 November 2022)

Sinclair McKay (London/The Dresden Trust): Dresden and the Landscape of Remembrance (18 October 2022)

Miranda Stanyon (University of Melbourne): Divided by a common tongue? Hoffmann and De Quincey on a European smash-hit aria (17 May 2022)

Charmian Brinson (Imperial College London): Working for the War Effort: Enemy Aliens in British Propaganda during the Second World War (22 March 2022)

William Donahue (University of Notre Dame): Dresden – a Matter of Conscience (15 February 2022)

John Guthrie (University of Cambridge): Johann Jacob Bodmer’s translation of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (18 January 2022)

Heike Zech (Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg): Anglo-German museum cultures: places. people. perspectives (7 December 2021)

John Kampfner (Berlin/London): The New German Government - A British Perspective on its international challenges (23 November 2021)

Peter J. Verovšek (The University of Sheffield): Position of Intellectuals in Britain and Germany (1 June 2021)

Maike Oergel (University of Nottingham): Britain, Germany and Brexit: The Legacy of the 19th-century ‘Germanic’ (9 March 2021)

Andrew Hines (Thyssen Fellow at the CAGCR/QMUL and SOAS): Two Grenzen of Misunderstanding. Reflections on a Phenomenon at the Heart of Current Anglo-German Cultural Relations (16 February 2021)

Philip Oltermann (The Guardian, London/Berlin): Inverting the inverted Pyramid. Writing about Germany as an Anglo-German ‘foreign’ correspondent (9 February 2021)

Lars Iyer (Newcastle University): Nietzsche, Music and the ‘Burbs' (1 December 2020)

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