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Living Memory - Catrine Val

Rita © Catrine Val 2020, Living Memory

Living Memory

Curated by Dr Jana Riedel and Departure Lounge director Matthew Shaul, Catrine Val’s Living Memory was originally produced during the pandemic in 2020. Val’s unique photographic portraits feature Holocaust survivors and those whose parents arrived as part of the ‘Kindertransport’, as well as Jewish families from all over the world who have made London their home. Her images record impressions of arrival and integration, people’s relationships with their countries or origin and their observance – or not – of their Jewish faith. Interesting questions about language are raised by sitters who ceased to speak German or chose not to pass the language onto their children. With the advent of Brexit some sitters have started to engage – in some cases ambivalently – with the process of restoring their lapsed German or native citizenship. Many have spent a lifetime engaged with the question of where they are from and where they belong.

To find out more please visit: Living Memory

The Centre in the media

Below are some examples of our media appearances.

Rüdiger Görner on SWR2, 1 February 2020

An interview with Thomas Ihm, discussing the Centre, Anglo-German relations, literature and Brexit. 

Listen here [45 minutes in German]

Rüdiger Görner on Deutschlandfunk Köln, 8 September 2019

In conversation with Anja Reinhardt, Rüdiger Görner discusses resignations, possible new elections and a law against a no-deal Brexit.

Listen here [10 minutes in German]

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