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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Professor Felicity Rash, B.A. (University of London), M.A. (University of Westminster), Ph.D. (University of London)


Emeritus Professor of German Linguistics



Her research interests lie within the field of Discourse Analysis, in particular the analysis of German and British colonialist discourse. She has also published on conceptual Metaphor Theory and First World War cultural history and propaganda. Her publications include: German Images of the Self and the Other in German Nationalist, Colonialist and Anti-Semitic Discourse 1871-1918 (Basingstoke 2012); The Discourse Strategies of Imperialist Writing. The German Colonial Idea and Africa, 1848-1915 (New York 2016); with Geraldine Horan and Daniel Wildmann, English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse 1871-1945 (Oxford 2012); with Christophe Declerqc, The First World War in Belgium and the Netherlands (Basingstoke 2018).

Felicity Rash also supervised postgraduate research degrees with themes relating to Discourse Analysis and Applied Linguistics. 

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Authored Books

2016:   The Discourse Strategies of Imperialist Writing. The German Colonial Idea and Africa, 1848-195. New York: Routledge.

2012: German Images of the Self and the Other in German Nationalist, Colonialist and Anti-Semitic Discourse 1871-1918. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 222 pages plus index.. Due to appear in July 2012, ISBN: 978-0-230-28265-0

2006: The Language of Violence: Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, Peter Lang, New York, 263pp.

2002: Die deutsche Sprache in der Schweiz. Mehrsprachigkeit, Diglossie und Veränderung, Peter Lang, Bern, 294 pp. This is a translation and revised edition of The German Language in Switzerland (below).

1998: The German Language in Switzerland. Multilingualism, Diglossia, and Variation, German Linguistic and Cultural Studies, 3, Peter Lang, Bern, 321 pp.

1989:French and Italian Lexical Influences in German-speaking Switzerland (1550-1650), Studia Linguistica Germanica, 25, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York, 411pp.

Edited Books

2018: With Christophe Declerqc: Beyond Flanders Fields. The First World War in Belgium and the Netherlands. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

2012: With Geraldine Horan and Daniel Wildmann: English and German Nationalist and Anti-Semitic Discourse 1871-1945. Oxford: Peter Lang.

2008: With Falco Pfalzgraf: Anglo-German Linguistic Relations as an issue of the Jahrbuch für internationale Germanistik (Reihe A - Konferenzberichte), Peter Lang: Bern

Personal e-Publications

1. First World War field postcards
2. Die Andere Seite. Das Antlitz des Führers. A Second World War areal propaganda leaflet.

2005:A free to access database of metaphors to accompany my 2006 monograph The Language of Violence: Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Articles in refereed journals

1996: `Attitudes to the Use of English Vocabulary in Swiss German Advertising Language', The Web Journal of Modern Language Linguistics, 1, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

1996: `Rauhe Männer - zarte Frauen. Linguistic and Stylistic Aspects of Sexual Stereotyping in German Advertising Texts 1949-1959', The Web Journal of Modern Language Linguistics, 1, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

1996: `Ein frühes Beispiel der Männersprache?', Sprachwissenschaft, 21/4, 446-464.

2000: `Language-use as a Theme in German-language Swiss Literature', Language and Literature, 9, 317-341.

2002: `The German-Romance Language Borders in Switzerland', Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 23 [1 & 2], 112-136.

2004: `Linguistic Politeness and Greetings Rituals in German-speaking Switzerland', Dialectology of Swiss German (a special issue of linguistik-online, 20, 3/04, ed. Beat Siebenhaar).

2005: `The Use of Metaphor in Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf'. In:, 74-111.

2006: `Thinking-Writing-Learning. Learning through Writing in the University', International Journal of Learning, 11, 1131-1134.

2009: `A Linguistic Hermeneutic Approach to Paul Rohrbach's Kriegsbotschaften'. In: Journal of Germanic Linguistics 21.2: 113-130.

Articles in edited books

1998: `Outsiders and Outcasts in the Works of Lukas Hartmann', in Charnley, Joy and Malcolm Pender (eds), Images of Switzerland. Challenges from the Margins, Occasional Papers in Swiss Studies, 1, Peter Lang, Bern, 99-125.

2000:  `Outsiders' Attitudes towards Swiss German and Swiss Standard German', in Hogan-Brun, Gabrielle (ed.), National Varieties of German outside Germany, German Linguistic and Cultural Studies, 8, Peter Lang: Bern etc., 67-101.

2003: `Language and Communication in German-speaking Switzerland', in Charnley, Joy and Malcolm Pender (eds), Living with Languages. The ContemporarSwiss Model, Occasional Papers in Swiss Studies, 5, Peter Lang, Bern, 107-127.

2006: `Early British Travellers to Switzerland 1611-1860’, in Charnley, Joy and Malcolm Pender (eds), Exercises in Translation. Swiss-British Cultural Interchange, Peter Lang, Bern, 109-138.

2009: `"Englisch ist cool": The Influence of English on Swiss German'. In: Pfalzgraf, Falco (ed.), Englischer Sprachkontakt in den Varietäten des Deutschen / English in Contact with Varieties of German (= Ã–sterreichisches Deutsch - Sprache der Gegenwart 12), Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern etc., 171-183.

Articles in Sprachspiegel

1993: `Shoppen in der Schweiz', Sprachspiegel, 49, 168-173.

1994: `Amerikanismen in der deutschen Sprache der Schweiz', Sprachspiegel, 50, 2-11.

1996: `Neujungdenglisch', Sprachspiegel, 52, 47-50, 84-88.

2005: `Verschweizert sich die Werbesprache (wieder)?', Sprachspiegel, 61, 102-105.

2008: `Englisch: Die fünfte Landessprache der Schweiz?', Sprachspiegel, 64, 50-56.

Articles in conference proceedings

1990: `The Cognate Language Teacher: A Modern Approach to Teaching Medieval German', in Humanities and the Computer. New Directions, ed. D.S. Miall, Oxford 1990, 183-92.

1990: `Le Reflet de Joi et Jauzimen chez les Minnesänger' (joint publication with P. Ricketts), in Perspectives Médiévales, 16, 35-46.

1996: `Metaphors of Darkness and Light in Eveline Hasler's Anna Göldin, Letzte Hexe and Der Riese im Baum', in German Contemporary Writers: their Aesthetics and their Language, ed. A. Williams, S. Parkes and J. Preece, Peter Lang: Bern/ Berlin/Frankfurt a.M./New York/Wien, 181-200.

1998: `Verena Stefan Twenty Years On. Aesthetic and Linguistic Innovation in Wortgetreu ich Träume and Es ist Reich Gewesen', in `Whose story?': Continuity and Change in Contemporary German-Language Literature, ed. A. Williams, S. Parkes and J. Preece, Peter Lang: Bern/Berlin/Frankfurt a.M./New York/Wien, 269-289.

2005: `Linguistic Purism in German-speaking Switzerland and the Deutschschweizerischer Sprachverein 1904-1944', in Nils Langer and Winifred Davies (eds), Linguistic Purism in the Germanic Languages, Studia Linguistica Germanica, 75, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York, 110-123.

2008: `Coole Gäste oder Pestilenz: Für und Wider der Anglizismenwelle in der Deutschschweiz'. In: Moraldo, Sandro (ed.) Sprachkontakt und Mehrsprachigkeit. Zur Anglizismendiskussion in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Italien, Heidelberg: Winter, 245-253.

2008: `Kraft durch Furcht: an item of British counter-propaganda published in German'. In: Pfalzgraf, Falco and Felicity Rash (eds), Anglo-German Linguistic Relations (Jahrbuch für internationale Germanistik (Reihe A - Konferenzberichte, Band 98), Peter Lang: Bern, Berlin, etc., 127-137.

Articles in Festschriften

1993: `Gwaggli and Gwagglitante. The Use of Epithets for Men and Women in Swiss German Past and Present', in J.L. Flood, P. Salmon, O. Sayce and C.J. Wells (eds), Das unsichtbare Band der Sprache. Studies in German Language and Linguistic History in Memory of Leslie Seiffert, Verlag Hans-Dieter Heinz: Stuttgart, 597-626.

2001: `The Schweizerische Verein für die deutsche Sprache and Linguistic Purism in Twentieth-century German-speaking Switzerland', in M.C. Davies, J.L. Flood and D.N. Yeandle (eds),`Proper Words in Proper Places'. Studies in Lexicology and Lexicography in Honour of William Jervis Jones, Verlag Hans-Dieter Heinz: Stuttgart, 254-277.

2003: `Die Zukunft des SchweizerDeutschen aus angelsächsischer Sicht', in B. Dittli, A. Häcki Buhofer and W. Haas (eds), Gömmer MiGro? Veränderungen und Entwicklungen im heutigen SchweizerDeutschen, Festschrift for Peter Dalcher, Universitätsverlag Freiburg Schweiz, 123-130.

2003: `Opening and Closing Rituals in Swiss German', in W.J. Jones, W.A. Kelly and F. Shaw (eds) `Vir ingenio mirandus'Studies presented to John L. Flood, Kümmerle Verlag: Göppingen, 941-954.


2009: Falco Pfalzgraf, Neopurismus in Deutschland nach der Wende (= Oester-reichisches Deutsch. Sprache der Gegenwart 6), Frankfurt am Main/Berlin/Bern, 2006, for Modern Language Review 104, 219-220.

2004: Charles Russ, Die Mundart von Bosco Gurin, Stuttgart, 2002, for Modern Language Review 99/3, 823.

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