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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Film at the End of the World

Wednesday 27th March 2024, 5-6pm GMT


About this event: 

What is involved in studying Film at university level in the 2020s? This introductory session sets out what a Film degree generally involves -  learning how to critique and to write and talk about films and audiovisual material of various kinds, learning the skills that will allow students to create new films, whether they are fiction, documentary, or something more experimental, and learning how to curate films, to plan screening programmes and festivals and to engage audiences and communities with a selected series of films. 

At our point in the early twenty-first century, what issues are films from all over the world exploring and how are they doing this? Using a recent case study, Pumzi (2009), that has climate change and water scarcity at its heart, we will think about how to critique a film, how to create our own films, and how to curate films and other related material. 


Speakers: Alasdair King 


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