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School of Law

Law and Economics Dip and Cert modules

Pre-sessional course (optional): Mathematics and Statistics (week 0)

Students who want to review concepts such as statistical distributions and matrix algebra have the option to attend modules during induction week (week zero) within the School of Economics and Finance.

Pre-sessional course (optional): Law (week 1): offered within the Centre of Commercial Law Studies

  • You will be also presented with basic Statistics and Statistical software (Eviews) - Semester A)
  • Quantitative Research methods for Lawyers - optional non-credit bearing (Semester B). Finance modules.

Compulsory modules

Optional modules

The options offered on the Law and Economics Diploma in a particular year will be drawn from the following list. Please note that this list is representative, though not exhaustive and not all options will be available every year.

Optional modules

Please note, these are only available on the Law and Economics Diploma programme. For information on modules offered by the School of Economics and Finance, please consult the module directory.

Semester A22


  • ECOM001 Macroeconomics A
  • ECOM002 Microeconomics A
  • ECOM003 Econometrics A
  • ECOM053 Quantitative Methods in Finance


Semester B22


  • ECOM009 Macroeconomics B
  • ECOM010 Microeconomics B
  • ECOM028 Labour Economics and Public Policy
  • ECOM035 International Finance
  • ECOM038 Behavioural Finance
  • ECOM077 Valuation and Private Equity
  • ECOM098 Islamic Finance in Practice
  • ECOM095 Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ECOM058 Principles of Accounting
  • ECOM035 International Finance
  • ECOM136 Project Finance
  • ECOM137 China and Global Financial Markets
  • ECOM032 Econometrics B
  • ECOM118 Practical Valuation


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