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School of Law

SOLM011 Law and Ethics in Business and Finance

Module Description

The module provides students with a broad understanding of the importance of conducting business activities (both financial and non-financial) with fairness and integrity and how this is reflected in EU and UK law and supervisory powers. By making reference to real case studies, the module investigates the legal framework pertaining to bribes, market manipulation, and other malpractices and critically analyses its effectiveness taking also into account the deterrence effect, or lack thereof, of the sanctioning and prosecution regime. It then covers corporate social responsibility and sustainable/responsible investment to analyse if and how this can nudge change. The module will also touch upon the efficacy of the organizational requirements companies are obliged to have in place to prevent unethical conduct from happening and/or spreading. 

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

Individual student report and group video


15 Credits

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