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Oral Clinical Research




The Centre for Oral Clinical Research (COCR) at the Institute of Dentistry, Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen’s Mary University of London (QMUL) is a dedicated clinical research centre and facility located at Whitechapel in London. COCR  benefits from direct access to NHS patients attending the Barts and The London Dental Hospital as well as from volunteers who wish to participate in clinical studies.

COCR is currently conducting a number of randomized controlled clinical trials and observational studies related to the diagnosis and clinical treatment of patients with periodontal and implant dentistry needs.


Patients being treated at Centre for Oral Clinical Research

In case of emergency for patients treated in the Centre for Oral Clinical Research.

Please telephone 07824 551 031.



Mission statement

COCR is dedicated to improve oral health by conducting patient centred, translational and experimental medicine research,  as well as by providing postgraduate training for oral health professionals on both, research methodology and  clinical implementation of innovative treatment modalities.

COCR values multi-disciplinary clinical expertise, evidence based approaches, pro-active interaction with industry and general public engagement in order to develop and implement diagnostic and treatment innovations relevant to oral and general health.

Professor Donos is Head of Centre for Oral Clinical Research , is the Head of Clinical Research, Chair of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry and the Head of the Clinical Oral Research Centre (COCR) at the Institute of Dentistry, Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).   Prior to this appointment, Professor Donos was the Head & Chair of Periodontology, Director of Research and Program Director for the MClinDent training program in Periodontology at the UCL- Eastman Dental Institute, London.  In 2009, Professor Donos was awarded the title of Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry in Hong Kong and in 2012 he was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor at the Dental School, Griffith University, Australia. In 2015, he was awarded the title of Honorary Professor at UCL-Eastman Dental Institute, London U.K.

Professor Donos is involved as editorial board member in a number of international and national peer-reviewed journals in the field of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry.  He has published more than 150 scientific peer review publications in the field of wound healing, regenerative medicine, periodontal medicine as well as a biological effect of surfaces of dental implants which is a testament to his professional and scientific commitment in the relevant fields.

In 2011, Professor Donos was awarded the prestigious IADR-Periodontology Group Award in Periodontal Regenerative Medicine during the annual International Association of Dental Research (IADR) meeting in San Diego, California. Furthermore, in June 2011, together with his research team, they received a commendation certificate at the prestigious Medical Futures event for their patented technology (UCLB) based on research work on synthetic peptide drugs for bone, blood vessels and nerve regeneration.  In 2017, Professor Donos became a board member of the Osteology Foundation.




Front row (left to right):  Dr. A. Krajewski, Dr. C. Gonzalez Marin, Ms. K. Cullen, Mrs. L. Groarke, Dr L Nibali, Prof. N. Donos, Dr. R. Ezra,  Dr. N. Tatarakis, Dr. A. Gamboa

Back row (left to right):  Dr. L. Zou, Dr. N.  Mardas, Mrs. S. Goodey, Dr. N. Gkranias, Dr. E. Kousounis



Further details can be found at  Centre for Oral Clinical Research 

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