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Athena Swan Lectures

Inaugural Athena SWAN lecture

Professor Lizzie Barmes

Title: "Raising standards at work: responding more effectively to problems"

Date: 31st October 2017

CPD Lectures

Restorative Dentistry Lunchtime Lecture Series (Organiser and Chair: Dr Sharan Sidhu)

Professor Mutlu Özcan

Director, Division of Dental Materials Science, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Title of the lecture: “New Materials, New Challenges”

Date: 14th June 2018

Professor Owen Addison

Interim Director of Oral Health Clinical and Translational Research Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Title of lecture: “Mechanisms by which implant materials can influence inflammation in their local environment"

Date: 23rd May 2018

Professor Francis Hughes

Professor of Periodontology, Kings College London

Dr Yuko Kurushima

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the TwinsUK Unit, Kings College London

Title of lecture: “Genetic and environmental contributions to chronic periodontitis in the TwinsUK cohort"

Date: 7th March 2018

Professor Ian Needleman

Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Evidence-Based Healthcare/Honorary Consultant in Periodontology,

Eastman Dental Institute/UCLH

Title of lecture: “Oral health, elite sport, and performance"

Date: 26th February 2018

Dr Maurice Faigenblum

Prosthodontics Specialist, Private specialist practice, Devonshire Place, London

Title of lecture: “Is it RIP for RPDs?”

Date: 15th February 2018

Vincent Fehmer

Master Dental Technician, Fixed Prosthodontics and Biomaterials, Center for Dental Medicine,

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Title: "Advances in Digital Dentistry - for your daily practice"

Date: 12th January 2018

Professor Nick Chandler

Head of Discipline of Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago, New Zealand

Title: “Preferred methods and views regarding the restoration of root-filled teeth"

Date: 6th December 2017

Neeta Patel 

Associate Director for Engagement and Diffusion, Research Development, Barts Health NHS Trust

Title of lecture: “Public Involvement – why bother?”

Date: 12th September 2017

Professor David Bartlett

Head of Prosthodontics and Graduate Training, Kings College London Dental Institute

Title of lecture: "Wearing Away"

Date: 23rd May 2017

Sreenivas Koka

Private practice, San Diego, California, USA

Title of lecture: "Management of the edentulous/terminal dentition patient"

Date: 13th March 2017

Professor Josette Camilleri

Associate Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Malta, Msida, Malta

Title of lecture: "Bioceramics in Endodontics - Characterization and Clinical Applications"

Date: 10th March 2017

Dr Luigi Nibali

Senior Clinical Lecturer, Centre for Oral Clinical Research, Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London

Title of lecture: "Minimally-invasive periodontal treatment"

Date: 28th February 2017

Professor Nicholas Chandler

Head of Discipline of Endodontics, Dept of Oral Rehabilitation, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago, New Zealand

Title of lecture: "Can you see it? Investigating the vision of undergraduates and clinical teachers at a dental school"

Date: 11th January 2017

Dr Nicholas J Capp

Private specialist practitioner, Sturridge, Capp and Barrett, Harley Street, London

Title of lecture: "Precision in working cast mounting"

Date: 28th October 2016

Dean Morton

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Prosthodontics, Indiana University School of Dentistry, USA

Title of lecture: “Contemporary Implant-Assisted Therapy- Finding Success and Avoiding Complications”

Date: 16th September 2016

Professor Michael F Burrow

Professor and Chair of Biomaterials, Melbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Title of lecture: “Getting to the root of the problem- management of root caries”

Date: 8th September 2016

Professor Angus W G Walls

Director, Edinburgh Postgraduate Dental Institute, Edinburgh

Title of lecture: “Oral health and ageing a demographic timebomb??”

Date: 5th September 2016

Professor Michael R Fenlon

Professor of Prosthodontics/Hon Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Dental Institute, Kings College London

Title of lecture: “Restorative dentistry and care of patients treated with radiation therapy for head & neck cancer”

Date: 8th July 2016

Dr Julius Bourke

Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, The Centre for Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London

Title of lecture: “The Brain in Pain Studies”

Date: 6th May 2016

Distinguished Lecture

Professor Maria Fidela de Lima Navarro (IADR President: 2010-2011)

Department of Dentistry, Endodontics and Dental Materials, Faculty of Dentistry of Bauru, University of São Paul, Brazil

Title of lecture: "Success with ART restorations"

Date: 20th April 2016

Dr Richard Foxton

Clinical Senior Lecturer, Dental Institute, King's College London.

Title of lecture: "How 'the aggregation of marginal gains' can improve the adhesion of direct composite restorations"

Date: 12th April 2016

Dr Anil Shrestha

Clinical Director / Registered Specialist in Prosthodontics Lister House International Centre of Excellence in Dentistry (ICED) Wimpole Street, London.

Title of lecture: “Mini-Dental Implants (MDIs) – A Specialist Prosthodontist’s Personal Experience”  

Date: 21st March 2016

Dr Nikos Mardas

Senior Clinical Lecturer/Honorary Consultant

Adult Oral Health, Queen Mary University of London.

Title of lecture: “Alveolar ridge preservation: is it really worth it?”

Date: 8th March 2016


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